Father’s Day 2023: 8 Famous Chef Dads Who Give Us Fatherly Goals
Image Credit: Google Images/Sanjeev Kapoor/Ranveer Brar/Jock Zonfrillo

Every year on the third Sunday of June, the world unites to celebrate fathers and the paternal bonds children share with father figures. Founded in Spokane, Washington, USA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd to honour her father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart (a single parent who raised six kids), Father’s Day remains a unique tradition even today. It is a day we spend honouring our fathers and everything they have taught us. 

For those who love food, to eat, to cook, to watch shows about food from around the world, there is truly no dearth of paternal or father figures. Among the many iconic chefs from across the world, are fathers who have made a point of talking about their kids and the food values they pass on to the next generation. These chef dads, through their life’s work and the legacy they are handing down to their children—as well as the rest of us—are true inspirations for the culinary world and should be honoured on Father’s Day

Here are all the amazing chef dads from India and across the world who deserve your attention. Why not treat your own dad with a recipe from the repertoire of these brilliant chef dads on Father’s Day? 

Sanjeev Kapoor 

This Indian chef is father to not only his two daughters, Rachita and Kriti Kapoor, but also a father figure to a whole generation of home cooks as well as professional chefs like Saransh Goila. Sanjeev Kapoor will forever go down in Indian history as the person who taught Indians to cook food from around the world and India through his popular food show, Khana Khazana. An iconic father figure in the culinary scene for decades, Sanjeev Kapoor never fails to inspire. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Chef Ranveer Brar

Ranveer Brar  

You may know this chef as a MasterChef India judge, but if you haven’t seen his videos of cooking with son Ishaan on YouTube, then you don’t know what you are missing. Ranveer Brar always has a very approachable and relatable demeanor, even while teaching people how to cook through his videos—and this is a very commendable fatherly trait that reeks of immeasurable patience. If you aren’t already a fan of this young chef’s style, then his fatherly approach will surely do the trick. 

Manish Mehrotra 

If there is one Indian restaurant that has consistently ranked among the World’s 50 Best as well as Asia’s 50 Best, then it is Indian Accent. A large part of the credit behind these accolades goes to chef par compare, Manish Mehrotra, who helms the kitchen and the modern menu at this restaurant. Known as one of the most exciting Indian chefs, Mehrotra loves cooking for his daughter Adah, who reportedly loves eating prawns. Even as Mehrotra’s modern Indian cuisine makes a mark globally, he is emerging as a true father figure for generations of chefs. 

Kunal Kapur  

This chef first gained prominence while acting as one of the judges on MasterChef India’s first three seasons, but has since done so many shows on television and is so popular on social media for his #Kunalish wisdom that he has indeed emerged as a fatherly guide to a new generation of Indian home cooks. While not much is known about his son Ranbir Kapur, Kunal Kapur’s amiable demeanor and interactive style proves he is a fatherly figure to follow. 

Ajay Chopra  

For those who don’t know, Chef Ajay Chopra was one of the chef judges on the first season of MasterChef India along with Kunal Kapur and Akshay Kumar. That might have been the first moment when India recognized him, but the chef has since made an impact in the Indian culinary scene. Father to Ashish and Akshat Chopra, the chef has helped his sons explore varieties of foods and flavours from around the world, especially while travelling widely. 

Gordon Ramsay  

Globally renowned for his many television shows around professional kitchens, global cuisines and leisurely at-home cooking, Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay has five kids (Megan, Jack, Holly, Tilly and Oscar). While his popular television demeanor may not inspire the image of an adoring father, his many interactions with daughter Tilly, who has become a food sensation herself, prove that the chef is indeed a great dad and fatherly mentor. 

Jamie Oliver  

Unlike his British colleague Ramsay, Jamie Oliver has always been loved as a chef with the golden heart of the most amiable and indulgent father. The chef has five kids who feature regularly in his home cooking shows and videos. But that apart, Oliver is credited to have fought in both the UK and the USA to improve school lunches for kids’ nutritional welfare. In fact, his Food Revolution has also taught people around the world to appreciate home cooking and the use of local ingredients sourced from farmers. A true fatherly inspiration for generations to come! 

Jock Zonfrillo 

One of the most popular MasterChef Australia judges of all time, Jock Zonfrillo was the father to four kids, Ava, Sophia, Alfie and Isla. A renowned chef of Italian-Scottish origins, Zonfrillo passed away in April 2023 at the age of 46, but has left behind a legacy of fatherly love and compassion. If his guidance and love wasn’t visible on his many videos teaching his kids how to cook pasta, then it surely was when he supported MasterChef Australia participant, Brent Draper when the latter faced mental health issues in 2021.