Father’s Day 2022: 5 Unique Martini Cocktails To Celebrate
Image Credit: Image: Grey Goose Vodka

While the mother-child bond is something that is revered for more than one reason, the love and connection between a father and the child is often underestimated. For most children, their first role model is their father. And while we must celebrate the man who isn’t just a father but also a friend and a mentor every day in different ways, dedicating a day completely to him makes this relationship even more special. And so, on the third Sunday of June every year (June 19, which is today!)Father’s Day is celebrated across the world to celebrate the special bond between a father and a child. 

So, have you got any plans to mark the day with your father? We’ve got ideas for you, this evening.  

Surprise your dad and make him feel special on this day with his favourite cocktails. Head to the bar counter and showcase your amazing bartending skills. Put on favourite songs, set the mood, and spend the evening indulging in some conversations and a few refreshing cocktails. Is he a fan of martini? If so, no better day to stir some for him as it is also National Martini Day today. Mix up his favourite spirits just the way he likes, along with some snacks to munch on while discussing everything from your childhood memories to life goals, with a glass of martini. Here are a few martini cocktails to try.

1. Discover 


Vodka 60 ML

60ml starfruit or amla juice 

15ml lime juice 

20ml star anise syrup 


Add all the ingredients in a shaker with ice. 

Shake and double strain in a martini or coupe glass.

Garnish with star fruit or star anise. 

For cinnamon syrup: 

In a pan, add 4 cinnamon sticks. 

Boil 500ml water for 10 minutes. 

Add 300gm sugar or as per required sweetness. 

Stir till the sugar is dissolved completely. 

Set aside till syrup is cooled down. 

Store in a jar or bottle and refrigerate. 

2. Wake Me Up 


60ml vodka 

60ml espresso coffee 

20ml star anise syrup 


Add all the ingredients in a shaker and shake with ice.

Double strain in a martini or coupe glass. 

Garnish with coffee beans. 

For star anise syrup: 

In a pan, boil 8-star anise with 500ml water for 10 minutes. 

Add 300gm sugar or as per the required sweetness. 

Stir till sugar is dissolved completely. 

Set aside till syrup is cooled down. 

Store in a jar or bottle and refrigerate. 

3. Turmeric Tonic 


60ml raw in turmeric rahasya 

15ml mango ginger honey syrup 

90ml tonic water


In a highball glass, add ice with all the ingredients. 

Stir and top with tonic water. 

Garnish with a raw mango slice. 

For raw mango ginger honey syrup: 

In a blender, add one ripe mango (sliced). 

Add 100gm ginger with 500ml water in it. 

Add 300gm honey and blend. 

Store in a jar or bottle.  

4. Get Lucky Or The Mandawali 


60ml pepper rahasya 

20ml strawberry rosemary shrub 

100ml tonic water 


In a highball glass add ice, pour the ingredients. 

Top up with tonic water. 

Garnish with rosemary and strawberry. 

For strawberry rosemary shrub: 

In a bowl, add chopped rosemary. 

Mix strawberries with 500gm sugar. 

Let it marinate overnight till sugar is dissolved. 

Add 200ml or as required red wine vinegar (set aside for 2 hours). 

Strain and store in a jar or bottle. 

5. Turn It Up or On Your Mark 


60ml coffee rahasya vodka 

1 scoop vanilla ice cream 

10ml coffee liqueur 

30ml espresso 


In a shaker, add ice and all the ingredients. 

Shake and double strain in a coffee mug or Irish mug. 

Garnish with coffee beans. 

Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top. 



This rich, fruity martini cocktail, highlights some of your favorite fall flavors with pomegranate and maple syrup combined with vodka. 


GLASS Cocktail 


Fresh g, 


1.0 part vodka 

0.75 parts Fig Purée 

0.75 parts Fresh Pomegranate Juice 

0.5 parts Maple Syrup 

0.25 parts Lemon Juice 

1 Bar Spoon Balsamic Vinegar 

+ Fresh Slice Of Fig 


1 Mix all ingredients into a cocktail shaker 

2 Shake hard and strain into a cocktail glass. 



Here’s a dark twist to one of the simplest of holiday traditions. 


1.5 parts vodka 

1 part Single Origin Espresso 

0.75 part Premium Coee Liqueur 

+ Pinch of Salt 


1 Add all ingredients together to a shaker and shake vigorously. 

2 Strain into a martini glass. 

3 Garnish with salted dark chocolate powder.