Fasting Mistakes You Need To Avoid This Sawan

It is that time of the year again, the month of Swan has started and the festive feel is tough to miss. Although the festival is all things fun and good, the only thing that takes a toll on some people is fasting. So, for you to celebrate Navratri in all its glory this year, we have made a list of some common mistakes that people make while fasting during Navratri. Check them out to have a happy and healthy Navratri. 

1. Overeating 

We do get that the first few days of the sawan fast are hard but getting swayed by food and overeating is not a solution. Fill your plate with a balanced meal to keep you going throughout the day. Overeating will make you feel lazy and you’ll definitely miss out on some fun during the festival. 

2. Indulging In A Lot Of Fried Food/Namkeen

Snacking on fried food or Namkeen is a problem that we all have faced at least once during Navratri, Sawan or Janmashtami fasting. This fasting season is a great chance to detoxify your body and excessive snacking will definitely make all your efforts go in vain. Remember to practice moderation. 

3. Consuming Extra Sugar 

We do get that your cravings are at their peak during fasting. But just because sugar is allowed, you cannot go overboard. Consuming a lot of sugar will result in a rise in your insulin levels and can cause numerous health problems. 

4. Starving

Many people tend to mistake fasting with starving and it is not okay. Fasting is serving your body just enough calories to keep you going. Starving in the name of fasting will cause your energy levels to hit a new low, keeping you exhausted throughout the day. 

So, here are some common fasting mistakes that many people make while fasting. If you are planning to observe a fast this Sawan then make sure to avoid these mistakes to have a healthy and fun-filled Sawan.