Fasting For Sawan 2023: 5 Ladoos For Pre-Workout Snacking

A healthy, nutritious pre-workout meal is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of a wellness routine. Having a quick bite that provides essential nutrients and energy before a workout can have tremendous impact on the body's performance in the gym. Bananas, almonds, nuts and seeds are good alternatives for pre-workout snacking. For an early morning workout, a shot of black coffee can also work wonders to boost performance.

However, as Sawan arrives, numerous fasting rituals make it difficult to include certain foods in every day diet. While many choose to abstain from proteins like eggs and meats, still others observe strict fasts which exclude vegetables, legumes and even fruits from every day meals. At such times, it is critical to exercise keeping in mind these dietary changes and their impact on the body. Low intensity workouts are great alternatives on vrat days. And some nutritious ladoos can be easily made at home which provide the body with sugar, protein and energy required during a light, less-strenuous workout.

Danyacha Ladoo

Made from peanuts and jaggery, this ladoo is sheer simplicity and deliciousness. Peanuts provide the body with essential proteins and fatty acids and jaggery gives the mind a rush of energy, fitting for a pre-workout boost. Having a peanut ladoo can carry you through an hour-long session of low to medium intensity exercise.

Poha Ladoo

A nutritious mix of flattened rice, jaggery or sugar, some cardamom and at times a bit of edible gum makes this ladoo a high-energy snack, ideal for pre-workout sessions. While poha is avoided during vrats, it is fine for those days when other Shravan rituals like eating vegetarian, homecooked food have to be followed.

Rajgira Ladoo

Amaranth or rajgira ladoo with the addition of sugar and some dry fruits is an extremely good source of energy. It works well as a pre- and post-workout meal on fasting days. However, it is advisable to chew on the rajgira ladoo without the addition of milk or ghee before a workout so that the body gets its required energy without feeling too full.

Khajoor (Dates) Ladoo

A bit of coconut and some dates tossed in ghee can be mixed together and rolled into tiny balls for a fine pre-workout snack. Date ladoos are completely free of sugar so they are excellent options for those with fluctuating blood sugar levels. The energy acquired from the sweetness of the dates will be utilised well during a strength workout.

Singhara Ladoo

Made from singhara flour or water chestnut, this ladoo is easy to make at home using simple ingredients like sugar, cardamom, coconut and ghee. Rich in antioxidants, singhara is excellent for digestion. Along with providing the body with energy, singhara also prevents a feeling of nausea and dullness, preparing the body for a fantastic exercise session.