Farah Khan’s Dessert Mania In The ‘Desert’ Had Us Drooling
Image Credit: Farah Khan/Instagram, She has a big sweet tooth.

For Bollywood choreographer-director Farah Khan - who is also the mother of three children - it hasn’t been an easy ride to balance work and home. But she seems to have mastered it all. Most people know Farah for her dancing skills, while she is also popular as a filmmaker. But what you probably didn’t know about Farah is that she is quite the foodie too. And recently, she gave in to her sweet cravings. Here’s how.

Farah is currently vacationing in Dubai with her friends, including Sania Mirza. Staying at a luxury hotel in the city, she loved their hospitality and the services offered at the place. Farah took to social media to share pictures of herself with staff members, thanking them all. But what caught our eyes was her indulgence just before that. In her Instagram stories, she shared a video of a lavish dessert spread at the buffet.

There were barfis, laddoos, and jalebis. However, it wasn’t just Indian sweets that one could spot. There were other desserts too - like mango rice pudding, cakes, pastries, tarts, and more. These made Farah and us drool the most. She captioned it saying, “Desserts in the desert”, and her wordplay has left us in splits.

In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Farah being so passionate about food. Earlier, she had posted a petition on Instagram, asking all her friends to return her dabbas that they took home after a party or gathering. She requested them for dabba wapsi so that she can fill it up with more good food and send it over. During her vacation in New York City too, we saw Farah doing all sorts of fun things with food.

She taught us how to drink hot chocolate in a desi way and also requested for free nachos at a restaurant. In fact, her friends also pulled a prank at a restaurant, where they sang happy birthday for her to get a free cake. The love Farah shares for food is unmatched and all these instances are proof of the same.