Fluffy parotta, or maida paratha, has always been a staple in the city of Madurai. But when all the eateries were locked in the past due to coronavirus, the restaurant owners desired to do something distinct to attract people back. In the same sequence, a restaurant chain in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, has started selling parotta or paratha in the shape of a protective face mask to attract customers and raise awareness about Covid-19. Do you know their initiative gained immense popularity in a short period? In such a situation, KL Kumar came up with a unique idea in Madurai. Now he is serving face mask shape parotta in his hotel. So let's know more about the restaurant located near Maattuthavani bus terminus.

Where did that idea come from?

Restaurant owner KL Kumar explains that the recent spike in active Covid-19 cases in Madurai has prompted him to make these parottas. According to KL Kumar, the corporation has made it mandatory for people to wear masks, but still, people flout the rules. In such a situation, he wanted to do something from his side to raise awareness about-face covers. After this, he talked to his parotta master and started serving face mask shape parotta.

Get free mask

The hotel also gives free of cost masks to the people who eat in this restaurant (to protect them from corona infection). Like other parotta, the price of face mask parotta is also Rs 50 in this restaurant. Earlier, parotta was served only in the evening in this hotel. Still, this face mask parotta is becoming so popular in Madurai that the restaurant also serves it for breakfast.

Unchangeable content

No ingredients were changed to make this parotta. However, the shape has been created as a mask through the hands' artistry. Safety is also taken care of while preparing food in this restaurant as no worker works in the kitchen without a mask.

What else can you find here?

In this restaurant, you will not only get to eat face mask parotta, but because of this global epidemic, this restaurant is also serving dishes like corona bonda, corona pakoda, corona rava dosa, etc. The only purpose of serving these dishes is to become more aware of the deadly virus.

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