Eye Health Care: Eat Nutritious Food And Stay Hydrated

The eyes are a vital organ of our body, as they allow us to see the world. In today’s age, we constantly stare at mobile phones and laptops, which really damages them and leads to weak eyesight. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of them. From giving the eyes a little break from the screens to eating nutritious foods like green vegetables, eggs, fruits, and nuts, there are many ways to keep them healthy. But did you know hydration also plays a crucial role in improving your eyesight?  

Connection Between Hydration And Eye Health

According to a report by the Florida Retina Institute, our eyes are surrounded by fluids (including tears) that protect this vital sense organ by washing away debris and dust each time we blink. The fluid acts as a lubricant and keeps the eyes safe from irritation, dryness, dirt, and dust. Some symptoms of dry eyes include burning, a foreign body sensation, and sensitivity to light. Dehydration can also cause sunken eyes.  

How Drinking More Water Benefits Our Eyes

According to Healthline, drinking an adequate amount of water helps the body produce the required volume of tears, which is essential to preventing dry eyes. Hydration is also necessary to have healthy lacrimal glands, which produce tears, and oil glands that prevent the tears from evaporating too quickly. But remember, hydration doesn’t mean drinking everything you like. Beverages like alcohol and coffee will have a negative impact on your eyes. There are many external treatments available to cure dry eyes, such as eye drops and gel, but being internally hydrated is necessary.

Eye Problems Caused By Dehydration

According to a report by Sanjeevan For Perfect Eyesight, dehydration can cause several problems, such as eye infections, photophobia (light sensitivity), and blurred vision. Prolonged dehydration can even put you at risk of vision loss. According to the Florida Retina Institute, an adult must drink approximately eight glasses of water every day. So, stay hydrated and keep your eyes healthy.