Exploring The Mughlai Cuisine In Delhi
Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Mughlai cuisine is one of the oldest and most sought cuisines that the world has seen. It is known for its delicacies that were developed in the Mughal Empire's medieval Indo-Persian cultural centres. It is a fusion of Indian subcontinent food with the cooking traditions and recipes of Central Asian and Islamic cuisine. The Turkic cuisine of Central Asia has had a great influence on Mughlai cuisine, which has, in turn, had a strong influence on the regional cuisines of Northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Mughlai cuisine has a wide range of flavours, from mild to spicy, and is strongly associated with a distinct aroma and flavour of ground and whole spices. The cuisine is an elaborate buffet featuring a variety of main course dishes and accompaniments. Mughlai cuisine has its root in the Mughal empire where the emperors were all about shahi khana and daawats. This cuisine is considered royal cuisine because of the ingredients used to make the delicacies. The gravy is made thicker and richer by adding curd, butter, desi ghee and almonds/cashew nut paste. Spices used in the curry is also rich in aroma and flavour. Mughlai cuisine is incomplete without roasted ground and whole spices that make the gravy aromatic and flavoursome. The delicacies are mouth-watering irresistible.