Exploring The Cuisine Of Manipur- Best Dishes To Try
Image Credit: Snighda H/facebook

Our country is blessed with diverse cultures and traditions that give us an opportunity to taste a plethora of flavours. The beauty of regional cuisine lies in the use of local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Each cuisine has some delicacies that are famous across the country. Many new variations of the classic regional dishes are also invented in other states based on the influence of local flavours, such as dosa and biryani. 

Just like the other cuisines, the northeastern states also have an endless variety of dishes to indulge in. The natural elegance and exotic flavours of these states can make you crave more. Talking particularly about Manipuri cuisine, rice, fish and leafy vegetables are staple in the state. Mostly fresh and organic ingredients are used in cooking with exquisite herbs and spices. 

Here are five best dishes for you all the way from the kitchen of Manipur: 


Also known as kangshoi, this healthy vegetable stew is very popular in the state. Chamthong is made with seasonal vegetables that are boiled and flavoured with onions, cloves, ginger-garlic and a local herb called maroi. This stew is served piping hot with rice or fish. 


This delicacy is a gift of Meitei community that is made with a type of fish called Ngari. Eromba is prepared by boiling veggies along with fermented fish mashed with chillies. It has a texture like paste, and maroi and coriander leaves are used for garnishing.  


Paaknam is a savoury cake that is mostly enjoyed as a side dish or an evening snack. It is prepared from a thick batter of besan, herbs, vegetables, chilli and the traditional Ngari. Paaknam is cooked by steaming the dish in a banana leaf. It is very popular among the tourists along with the locals. 


Singju is a spicy salad that is relished as an afternoon or evening snack. Apart from common vegetables that are used in salads like tomatoes and onion, this Manipuri dish is also prepared with lotus stem, ginger, raw papaya and banana flower. Chilli powder and herbs are also used for flavouring singu. 

Morok Metpa 

Morok Metpa is a type of chutney that is prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways. In Manipur, the locals relish this chutney with most of the main course dishes served for lunch. The main ingredients for making morok metpa are chilli, chives and onion. The non-veg version also used Ngari fish.