Explore India's Love For Chillies & 8 Spicy Regional Varieties
Chilli pepper is an indispensable ingredient in Indian cuisine, particularly in South India, where it is a mandatory addition to almost every savoury dish. Globally, chilli peppers contribute heat to dishes, making them a prominent spice. Depending on the desired pungency and spiciness, different chilli pepper variants are selected. 

Chillies are added to our dishes in many ways. When it is fresh we consider preparing and consuming it as vegetables in the dishes. If need a seasoning for the dishes, the whole pod can be dried and then crushed or ground into chilli powder or paste. Drying chillies enhances their shelf life and imparts an exceptionally distinct flavour, especially when paired with ingredients like dal and peanuts. 

In terms of nutrition, red hot chilli peppers boast 88% water content, alongside significant amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. The spiciness of chilli peppers is quantified using the Scoville scale, measuring capsaicinoids' presence, with the unit of measurement being the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). The higher the SHU, the hotter the chilli.

These are a few Indian varieties of Chilli pepper.

Mathania Chillies:
Mathania Mirch is one of the spiciest chillies from India with a slender and elongated shape. This is predominantly grown in Rajasthan’s Mathania region. The unique taste, flavour, and colouring of this chilli powder from this particular chilli is widely used in the culinary world for its visual appeal. This is one of the most sought-after chillies for its fiery kick and distinctive flavour. This chilli has 50k to 70K SHU.

Kashmiri Chillies:
Kashmiri chillies are cultivated in the Kashmir region. This particular chilli is every chef's favourite for giving a deep red colour appeal to the dish. The looks of the dish make it more attractive even though that fieriness is moderate in taste. These are not much of the spicy chilli.

Guntur Chilli:
These chillies are from the state which is known for its rich spiciness, Andhra Pradesh. The cultivation of Guntur chillies from the Guntur region is highly exported to other parts of the world for its hotness. In Andhra, Guntur chilli is the staple dish in most of the foods for that tempting pungency. It has 50k to 85K SHU.

Byadgi Chilli:
This chilli is from the Karnataka region and is long and wrinkled in appearance. Byadgi chilli is similar to Kashmiri chilli as it has a mild spicy flavour but extraordinary colouring. This has 5000 SHU to 10,000 SHU. This chill has a deep red colour appearance which sets them apart from other varieties of chillies. It is a fantastic option to enhance the visual appeal of the dishes.
Boria Chilli:
These chillies are from the Tamil Nadu region which is moderate in pungency and berry-sized in shape. This dark red coloured chilli is predominantly used in tempering for the dishes. The climate and soil condition in this region contributes to the distinctive flavour of the chilli. This has 8,00,000 SHU to 10,00,000 SHU. 

Sankeshwari Chilli:
This chilli is from Maharashtra which has a rich red colour in appearance and exotic spiciness in taste. Its distinctive taste and flavour are attributed to the cultivation region which Kolhpur, Maharashtra. This is considered to be one of the spiciest chilli peppers in India. It is added together with a medley of ingredients to make Garam masala or chilli powder.
Jwala Chilli:
Jwala peppers are originated from Gujarat, India. This slender, carved tip point is a medium-sized chilli that has moderate spiciness. This chilli is mostly cultivated in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. This chilli has 30,000 SHU to 50,000 SHU making it spicier than Jalapeno. This chilli has a tangy and earthy taste making it an easy option in various dishes like chutney, pickles, etc.

Kanthari Chilli:
This chilli is also known as bird’s eye chilli which is cultivated in a warm and tropical climate from the Kerala region. They are small, slender, and have elongated shapes with pointed tips. Their intense heat and distinct flavour make it one of the popular chillies not only in South Asia but all around the world. They are used in curries stir-fries, soups, and sauces. This chilli has 50,000 SKU to 1,00,000 SKU.