Explore 8 Desserts Inspired By Schitt's Creek

If you’re on the lookout for wholesome, family-style desserts, you need to seek inspiration from the best sitcom family there is. We’re talking about the Schitts, of course! If you’re a fan of Moira, Johnny, Alexis and David’s many adventures in and around Schitt’s Creek, you can always think of desserts themed around the beloved family. Each member of the Schitt family and their friends are known for their individual quirks. The intriguing Moira has some lavish tastes, whereas Johnny is all for simpler, hearty flavours. 

Alexis, on the other hand, is someone who can be indecisive but definitely still longs for the finer things. When it comes to Stevie, the motel’s owner, you’d have to think of a recipe that’s complex and yet airy and approachable, like a coffee-infused treat. Twyla, on the other hand, has a sunny disposition that can best be represented by tender, flaky lemon blueberry scones which add a cheerful twist and bursts of tangy lemon zest and juicy blueberries. If you want to make desserts themed around Schitt’s Creek characters, here’s an easy guide.

Rose Family Rosette Cookies

These delicate rosette cookies are as elegant as Moira Rose herself. With their intricate swirls and graceful appearance, they embody the sophistication of the Rose family. Adorned with a hint of edible gold dust, these cookies are crunchy and airy and can be topped with icing sugar.

Café Tropical Banana Cream Pie

A tribute to the popular Café Tropical, where many memorable scenes unfold on the show, this banana cream pie is a delightful treat. Layers of creamy banana custard nestled in a buttery graham cracker crust evoke the comfort and warmth of the café, making it a perfect dessert to enjoy while watching Schitt's Creek.

Alexis's Acai Berry Parfait

With its vibrant colours and exotic flavours, this acai berry parfait reflects Alexis's adventurous spirit. Topped with fresh berries and granola, it's a wholesome yet indulgent dessert that embodies Alexis's journey of self-discovery and growth throughout the series.

Roland's Rum Raisin Bread Pudding

Roland Schitt may not always make the best decisions, but this rum raisin bread pudding is a winner. Rich and decadent, with a hint of boozy sweetness, it's the perfect comfort food to enjoy after a long day of dealing with Schitt's Creek's quirky residents.

Moira's Blackberry Rosewater Macarons

These delicate macarons are a nod to Moira's refined taste and love for all things luxurious. Infused with fragrant rosewater and filled with luscious blackberry buttercream, they're a sophisticated treat that would undoubtedly earn Moira's approval.

Johnny's Canadian Maple Pecan Tart

Paying homage to Johnny Rose's Canadian roots, this maple pecan tart is a true taste of home. With its buttery pastry crust and rich maple filling studded with crunchy pecans, it's a dessert that celebrates the simple pleasures of life in Schitt's Creek.

Stevie's Espresso Chocolate Truffles

Dark, bold, and irresistibly indulgent, these espresso chocolate truffles are inspired by Stevie Budd's no-nonsense attitude and love for caffeine. Rolled in cocoa powder and espresso-infused chocolate, they pack a flavorful punch that's sure to wake up your taste buds.

David's Lavender Earl Grey Cupcakes

Just like David Rose himself, these lavender Earl Grey cupcakes are a delightful blend of elegance and quirkiness. Light and fragrant, with a subtle hint of lavender and bergamot, they're the perfect treat to enjoy while binge-watching Schitt's Creek.