Dark Chocolate V/S Milk Chocolate
Image Credit: Chocolate | Image Credit: Unsplash.com

There is hardly anybody who doesn’t like chocolates. This is because chocolates are yummy and tasty treats that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. What’s more, chocolate is so versatile that it can be eaten as it is or used up to craft many types of desserts too. But what many don’t know is that chocolates come not only in many shapes and sizes, but also types—and dark chocolate and milk chocolate are the most popular among them.  

Primarily there are three types of chocolates namely – dark, milk, and white. All three differ in composition. However, consumption of too much chocolate can lead to weight gain, which can set other health implications. Besides, children are advised to consume less chocolates as it can lead to cavities in teeth.  


Often trying those chocolate dessert recipes, one must look for the type of chocolate one will be using. Two of the most common options are dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Take a look at the differences between dark chocolate and milk chocolate:  

  • Dark Chocolate: To call it a dark chocolate, it has to contain at least 35% cocoa as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Often that percentage is much higher. Apart from cocoa, dark chocolate contains cocoa butter which is a natural fat of the cocoa bean, sugar, and sometimes flavouring. Dark chocolates are semi-sweet in taste owing to the high cocoa content. It contains amples of nutrients namely magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, and phosphorous.  
  • Milk Chocolate: This contains much lower cocoa content compared to dark chocolate. According to the FDA, it contains 10% cocoa only. Besides, like dark chocolate, it contains cocoa butter, sugar, and flavourings. It is noted that milk chocolate contains 12% dry milk solids, according to the FDA.   

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate  

Dark chocolate has a lot of benefits it has to offer. Take a look at some of them:  

  • Protect The Heart  

Dark chocolate works as a guide for the heart and blood vessels, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases according to WebMD. They have anti-inflammatory effects and properties that prevent blood clots and lowers blood pressure.   

  • Reduce Risk Of Diabetes  

As per WbMD, flavanols in cocoa increase insulin sensitivity, which lowers the risk of diabetes. Insulin sensitivity regulates the blood sugar levels and improper insulin function leads to type 2 diabetes. Besides, the anti-inflammatory property is the key component of regulating blood sugar levels.  

  • Lowers Blood Pressure  

Although in small amounts, dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, states WebMD. Besides, blood vessel flexibility and function are improved due to dark chocolate consumption. It prevents arteriosclerosis, which is the stiffness of the arteries caused by the buildup of plaques and fats.  

  • Increases Good Cholesterol  

According to Healthline, dark chocolates protect against bad cholesterol and triglycerides and raise good cholesterol in the blood. Cocoa lowers the oxidation-robe forms of bad cholesterol. The presence of antioxidants makes it to the bloodstream and protects lipoproteins against oxidative damage.  

Disadvantage Of Milk Chocolate  

  • Lots of Added Sugar  

To contrast the bitter taste of cocoa, milk chocolate contains lots of added sugar. As it is known, added sugar leads to different problems like weight gain, heart disease, cholesterol, and others. It can also lead to plaque forming on the teeth and lead to tooth decay. 100 gms of milk chocolate contains around 52 gms of sugar according to the Push Doctor site.  

  • High In Calories  

As compared to dark chocolate, milk chocolate contains a hefty number of calories. 100 gms of milk chocolate contains around 535 calories. Thus, it is advisable to consume milk chocolate in smaller amounts.  

Which One Tastes Better?  

However, for gifting purposes, milk chocolate is the preferred idea owing to its appealing taste and smooth texture. As it contains milk, sugar, and cocoa, milk chocolate creates a comforting and indulgent treat that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Not many people like the bitter taste of dark chocolate. Besides, milk chocolate is used to make lots of chocolate desserts, thus it is a good gifting idea. 


Which One Is Healthier?  

It is said that the higher the presence of cocoa solids, the healthier the chocolate. As mentioned above, the health benefits of dark chocolates are way more than those of milk chocolates. The presence of added sugar in milk chocolates acts as a culprit. Besides, dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content than sugar. Thus, it is a good idea to consume dark chocolate rather than milk, however, in limitations.