Experience True Taste Of Kashmiri Cuisine With Chef Tariq Parray
Image Credit: Chef Tariq Parray from Kashmir has designed the menu of Wazwan-E-Khaas

Kashmiri Wazwan is not just a meal, it is an experience in itself. The delicate intricacies of cooking it, the age-old recipes and the rustic flavours of each and every dish defines the rich taste of the Kashmiri cuisine. A grand Wazwan is definitely something every food connoisseur should be exposed to. JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru, in their quest to always present the most authentic and unique of experiences, has collaborated with Chef Tariq Parray to give Bangaloreans the true taste of Kashmir this winter with his menu Wazwan-E-Khaas. Chef Parray, a Kashmiri from Srinagar, who has been practicing Waza for more than 20 years, specialises in making an array of dishes like Kahwa, Roganjosh, Gushtaba, Waza murgh and Kong firin which are the heart and soul of a Wazwan feast.

We caught up with Chef Parray and talked to him about Wazwan-E-Khaas and specialities of the Kashmiri cuisine. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Tell us something about the Wazwan-E-Khaas and the star highlights of the menu, according to you.

What we are serving is a traditional Kashmiri Wazwan. Meat is an important part of this meal and we use different cuts for each of the dishes. Meat needs to be cooked within an hour of procurement to maintain the taste and flavour of it. We always mince it with the Chinar wood hammer on a unique Kashmiri stone and pound it till it attains a creamy consistency.

Some of the dishes to look out for at this festival are, Yakhani, Tabak Maaz, Rista, Gushtaba, Dhaniwal Korma and Waza Chicken.

Wood is used to cook the meals


Using wood for cooking, mincing meat with a Chinar wood hammer on a stone, and the delicate flavours of spices give the Kashmiri dishes a distinctive flavour. We also use Kashmiri shallots called Praan which are basically wild onions with a hint of garlic and dried Kashmiri whole chilly which are the souls of a Wazwan.

Also, In Wazwan, the meat is boiled in salted water and this water is used as the broth for all the dishes.

What are some of the desserts that you would recommend to someone looking to explore the cuisine?

Made with oats, the Kashmiri Halwa is really a delicious dessert with a generous sprinkling of dry fruits and threads of Saffron. Then of course we have the popular Phirni as well that people can enjoy.

So, every Bangalorean who wants to experience the joy of an authentic Wazwan should head straight to JW Marriott Hotel and try out the Wazwan-E-Khaas menu. And every foodie, who wants to explore cuisines beyond what they have been exposed to, should try Kashmiri food.