Everything You Need To Know About Malbec Wine
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Malbec wine, known for its rich, blackberry notes and smokey finish, is an excellent alternative to more expensive Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. However, Malbec is more than just a good value. Learn the mysteries of Malbec wine, as well as some terrific Malbec meal pairing recommendations that will change your perception of this 'lowly' wine grape. The primary fruit tastes in Argentine Malbec glass are blackberry, plum, and black cherry. The complex flavours include milk chocolate, cocoa powder, violet flowers, leather, and a sweet tobacco finish, depending on the amount of oak ageing.

While Argentine Malbec is fruit-driven, French Malbec is the polar opposite. It is leathery, with notes of sour currant, black plum, and savoury bitterness that are commonly described as green at first. The acidity of French Malbecs from the Loire and Cahors is stronger, which contributes to the taste of black pepper and spice. French Malbec wines age well because of their low alcohol content and moderate tannin and acidity.

Origins Of Malbec Wine

Malbec (also known as Côt and Auxxerois) is from France's Sud-Ouest region. The thick-skinned grape is the result of a natural cross between two obscure types from Montpellier (in Languedoc-Roussilon) and Gaillac in the Sud-Ouest. Cahors, a little village on a switchback river that softly flows towards Bordeaux, now produces the majority of France's Malbec.

Malbec swiftly gained popularity as a blending grape in Bordeaux's top five wine grapes. However, due to the grapes' low tolerance to weather and pests, it was never considered a top French variety. Instead, it found a new home in Mendoza, Argentina, where it was planted on the mayor's decree in 1868 by a French botanist.

Flavour Profile

Malbec wines are dry and full-bodied, with a fragrance of rich, dark fruit and notes of blackberry and red plum. They're luscious and jammy, with vanilla, tobacco, dark chocolate, and oak flavours. They combine well with food because of their medium acidity and moderate tannin levels. High-quality Argentine malbecs effectively reflect their location, with high-altitude wine displaying red fruit flavours such as cherry and raspberry, as well as flowery notes. French malbecs are often earthier in flavour.

How To Pair Malbec With Food?

Malbec pairs nicely with food and is finest when served with smoky and spice-rubbed meat or with rich blue cheese. Malbec pairs well with grilled, meaty portobello mushrooms. In a red wine glass, serve malbec. Serve malbec at 65°F, or just a touch cooler than room temperature. If you don't have a cellar or wine fridge, chill it for 20 to 30 minutes before serving.