Everest Fish Curry Masala Recalled By Singapore

When it was food vendors in various Indian states who were under the radar of respective health departments for cooking food under unhygienic conditions, adding chemical dyes, and selling poor-quality milk-based and other products, the issue remained in the country. But today, this radar has expanded overseas to Singapore. Recently, the Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong recalled Everest Fish Curry masala over its alleged contamination with pesticide.

Video Credit: Chef Ranveer Brar/ YouTube

The fish curry spice mix by Everest is among the most popular spice mixtures imported from India, given seafood is quite popular in the island country. When studied closely, the authorities found that it contained ethylene oxide, a chemical which is usually found in pesticides and is considered unsafe for humans. 

The findings were followed by a notification from the Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong, raising concerns about the addition of chemicals beyond the permitted limit. The Singapore Goods Agency (SFA) has reportedly released a statement. 

‘People Who Have Consumed The Product Should Seek Medical Attention,’ Says SFA

Sp Muthiah & Sons Pte. Ltd., who was responsible for importing the spice mix to Singapore, was directed by the SFA to initiate a comprehensive call on the affected products. Ethylene oxide is used in pesticides to prevent microbes from affecting agricultural products. Its use is prohibited in food products in Singapore, but the country’s health department approves of using the chemical in a limited amount for spice sterilisation. However, the spice mixture had more than the restricted amount which had raised health concerns for consumers.

The low levels of the chemicals used in the spice mixture do not possess immediate health risks, but prolonged exposure can lead to ailments. The SFA has also issued a statement, “Those who have consumed the implicated products and have concerns about their health should seek medical advice. Consumers may contact their point of purchase for enquiries.

Homemade Fish Curry Masala 

Fish curry masala is supposed to be a little spicier than vegetable masala because it has to flavour meat and penetrate its various layers. You can make it at home and use it with a variety of fish like catfish, mackerel, halibut, basa, grouper, and more. 

If you have spices like dry red chillies, coriander seeds, a handful of curry leaves, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, you can make the mixture at home. Store it in an airtight container and use it for months without worrying about it going bad. With the rampant reports of food contamination surfacing now and then, it seems like the best way is to prepare these items at home and read the ingredient column thoroughly before purchasing any product.