In an era of fanta maggi and oreo pakodas, there isn’t much hope left. The kind of food trends that we see on social media these days has left us aghast. In a quest to go viral, several people indulge in creating bizarre food combinations. Maggi has been the worst hit in this regard. From edible maggi cups to oreo maggis and what not, the new-age food enthusiasts have shown us that there are endless possibilities when it comes to our favourite instant noodles. The newest kid on the block is waffles. 

Just a few days back, we were talking about waffles with truffle and caviar, yes, savoury waffles! And look at us today, we have brought you another waffle creation. This time, it will be an overload of sweetness because it is an Indo-Western dessert. Bringing two of your most favourite desserts, gulab jamuns and waffles on one plate. Yes, someone has done it and we want you to take a look. 

Source: Paidaishi Foodie/Instagram

In the video, the vendor first begins with preparing a creamy batter of waffles. He adds a few chopped gulab jamun pieces to it. Once it is thick and creamy, he pours it on a waffle iron and after a few seconds you have your iron-impression waffles ready. He takes them out and cuts them. Then he places a scoop of vanilla ice cream on each of the waffle slices. Then he takes half-cut gulab jamuns and puts them on top of the ice cream. He drizzles some chocolate sauce on top of it and finally, serves it to the customers. If this will not cause you sugar rush, we don’t know what will. 

The video was shared by food blogger, @paidaishi_foodie on his Instagram handle and has garnered over 1K views in a few days. Are you tempted to eat both the desserts now? Here are some fusion gulab jamun recipes for you. 

1.  Gulab Jamun Cupcakes 

After waffles, we think it will be cupcakes that will have to bear the brunt of this food experimentation. These cupcakes are baked as always but the best part is that you’ll be in for a surprise when you bite into them. They have gulab jamuns stuffed in them. Delicious or not? 

2.    Gulab Jamun Cheesecake 

Who all love cheese cake? How about giving it a desi twist and stuffing them with gulab jamuns? The creamy cheesecake and chunky gulab jamun are a delicious pair.