Ever Visualised What A Miniature Kitchen Would Look Like? These Desi Creators Are Making It Possible
Image Credit: Screengrab of Mini Kitchen's video/Instagram, From litti chokha to bread pakoras, all desi foods in your pocket now.

In the world which is full of possibilities, we are amazed whenever we see a large installation or a giant sculpture in front of us. Take the recent fork for example. A huge stainless steel fork was installed in Fairview in the United States and is also claiming to be the world’s biggest fork. This definitely catches the eye. Do you know what else does? Something on the other extreme. The smallest of things can also make a huge difference, they say. Well, turns out it is true. You remember how we get all happy and joyful at the sight of those tiny socks and shoes for newborns, that’s exactly what will happen in the next few seconds. 

Did you like the video? This is a miniature-sized kitchen with small utensils and ingredients and the final dish, that also follows suit. While the idea of miniature kitchens has been the buzz on social media for quite some time, it is the desi touch which struck a chord with us. The Instagram page @minikitchenindia is completely dedicated to this goal and we honestly love every bit of it. Want to take a look at some more? Go ahead. 

Source: Mini Kitchen India/Instagram 

From Bihari’s traditional litti chokha to crispy, deep-fried bread pakoras, you name it and you’ll find it. You might just feel like you have been transported to a scene in Gulliver’s Travels with thick and big thumbs and fingers holding tiny knives, forks and other tools. Right from the cooking equipment such as pressure cooker, gas stove and tawas to ingredients like onions, tomatoes, bread, coriander etc. are zoomed out into a microscopic view. Isn’t it all just so fascinating? 

Here are some of the Indian dishes from the page that have really tempted us to cook and eat. 

1.  Chole Poori 

A spicy chickpea preparation is paired with crispy fluffy breads like poori. This is a common breakfast on Sundays as well as on Hindu festivals. The masaledaar chole are tossed in a host of spices with a semi-dry consistency and eaten along with deep-fried pooris. 

2.  Litti Chokha 

The balls made from sattu dough are rolled up and baked or fried. These are then paired with boiled and mashed potatoes as well as mashed brinjals. This is a traditional Bihari dish that is commonly eaten in the region. 

3.  Jalebi 

The classic Indian dessert, jalebi has its origins in the Persian land. This twisted and entangled loop is deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup.