Ever Used Tahini In Smoothies? 5 Unexpected Ways To Use It

Tahini is a popular Middle Eastern condiment that is known for its smooth consistency and distinct nutty flavour. Although it is most associated with its role in enhancing hummus, this ingredient may be used in many other delicious dishes. Because of its earthy flavour and nutritious texture, it is frequently used in both savoury and sweet preparations. Let's look into the out-of-the-ordinary applications of tahini that can elevate even the most basic dishes to new heights of deliciousness. Tahini can be used in a wide variety of applications, from savoury to sweet. 

In Cookies 

When it comes to baking cookies, tahini is a must-have star ingredient. Cookies are elevated to new heights by its nutty, rich flavour. It adds a flavour to your cookies that you won't find in regular cookie recipes, making them tempting. You might be wondering if adding tahini to cookies will alter their flavour. The earthiness and moderate bitterness of tahini may seem like negative qualities at first, but they work wonderfully in cookies. It complements the sweetness with a unique depth of flavour without overpowering it.

In Smoothies 

Smoothies benefit from its earthy, nutty flavour. Its mild bitterness is a perfect complement to fruit smoothies, which tend to be overly sweet. It's also great in smoothies because of the silky texture it lends to the drink.Tahini contains a variety of heart-healthy fats, especially monounsaturated fats. In addition, it is a good source of protein, iron, and calcium. Tahini is a great substitute for dairy products like yoghurt and milk for those who are vegan. It's as creamy as the real thing, but without the use of any animal products. 

In Soups 

If you want to add a thick, creamy texture to your soup without excluding vegans or people with lactose intolerance, tahini is your best bet. Substitute broth and a generous dollop of tahini for the heavy cream in your go-to soup recipe. There's no need to be precise; just add more and more until the mixture reaches the desired creaminess. It incorporates really well, producing a texture so luxurious that you won't be able to stop at just one serving. You can confidently include additional ingredients without fear of being overpowered by the tahini. It complements the other flavours without becoming overpowering. 

In Cake 

Tahini adds a whole new flavour profile to your baked goods. Tahini is here to save you from cake monotony when you've had enough of chocolate and vanilla. Tahini pairs well with a wide variety of cake flavours, from the tangy lemon cake to the spiced carrot cake and the rich chocolate cake. It works wonders for adding moisture to baked goods, ensuring a tender, flavorful cake that will have you wanting more. 

With Oatmeal 

Although oats is a healthy and satisfying choice for breakfast, eating it every day can get boring. Perhaps you've experimented with peanut butter or other nut butters, but tahini is another nut butter that goes well with it. Oats' inherent sweetness is balanced by the nutty richness of tahini, making for a flavour combination that will have you going back for more.