Ever Tried Kochi's 'John Abraham Omelette'?
Image Credit: Freepik.com

It was in the year 1663, that the port of Kochi was established by the Dutch. For over a century before, it was ruled over by the Portuguese. The port remained one of the busiest ports of India for the longest times, attracting traders and travellers from different parts of the globe. The Dutch also established the municipality of Fort Kochi in the year 1664, which happened to be Indian sub-continent's first municipality. As per the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814, the city of Kochi was officially passed over to the United Kingdom. Today, of course, Kochi is a bustling metro city of independent India, however, there are many pockets of the city still suspended in time that are best reflected in the city’s architecture and even the food. In Kochi, you can easily find many cafes and restaurants that serve up the best European fare, starting from morning.

One such café, is the Kashi art café. Widely known for its British and European continental food, Kashi art café has a rather peculiar item on its menu that would please both Bollywood and food buffs alike, especially if you happen to like a certain actor named- John Abraham.  For the uninitiated, John Abraham is one of the biggest Indian film actors, known best for his roles in Dhoom, Dostana, Force and Satyamev Jayate. In addition to being a movie star, he is also a beloved fitness icon for many. Recently, it was reported that John eats more than 30-50 eggs a day to build his muscles!

At the quaint Kashi Art Café, you would find a rather wholesome and yummy omelette, that is actually named after the fitness enthusiast John Abraham. The egg white omelette is brimming with the goodness of mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto. The exquisite omelette is as continental as it gets, and is also prepared with the best quality ingredients. It is served with toast and is perfect for those into fitness and diet, given it is made with egg whites and no yolks.  

Kashi Art Café actually offers a range of interesting omelettes, witch even interesting names, such as the meat lovers’ omelette, which is replete with goodness of sausages, salami and bacon, or the farmer’s omelette, with spinach mushroom and cheese that is served with wheat bread.  

Other than that, you can also relish some banana pancakes, poached eggs, oatmeal. Homemade granola, appam and more, while admiring the cozy, European décor of the bistro.