Kashmiri Modur Pulao: A Sweet Upgrade To Your Lunch
Image Credit: Ever Tried Kashmiri Modur Pulao? Give Your Lunch A Sweet Upgrade With This Pulao

Not just the idyllic views, the valley of Kashmir is also home to countless delicacies that are hard to find beyond the region. Their subtle complexities, measured ingredients and layers, makes Kashmiri cuisine one of the most unique and beloved regional cuisines of the subcontinent, that may have also inspired cuisines of other regions. It is said that the Himachali ‘Dham’ is also inspired by the Kashmiri Wazwan. The King of Himachal experienced the Wazwan first-hand and ordered his cooks to recreate something similar. Wazwan is a multi-course meal comprising everything from meat, lentils, veggies and pickles. Much emphasis is laid on meat. The more the number of meaty dishes, the grander is the wazwan, it is said. But can you imagine enjoying any of these curries be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, without a portion of rice or roti. You would be surprised to know the attention that is given to rice and bread in Kashmir. The local bakers are called Kandur, and in the morning they start doling out fresh buns and breads. Rice, too, is dealt with care and love. One does not find many shorter grain varieties of rice here, preference is given to long grain basmati to make biryanis and pulao.

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Modur Pulao is a renowned Kashmiri Pulao made with rice, saffron and nuts. It is a sweet Pulao that is also considered a comfort food of sorts. The pulao is made with surplus amount of ghee, further lending to its richness. The concoction of spices helps cut through the heaviness of the rice. The pulao is yellowish-orange in colour due to the addition of saffron. Saffron is the most expensive spice of the world. But saffron or kesar is one of the crops that is cultivated in Kashmir, many livelihoods depend upon the cultivation of this crop. It is not an easy crop to grow, but its fragrance and flavour is intrinsic to Kashmiri dishes. Kashmiri dishes are known to be very vivid, the haak saag and other greens, the reddish-brown curries, the saffron-infused rice, makes it one colourful plate.  

To make Modur Pulao, all you need to do is boil milk with sugar and saffron/or some food colouring if you want, in case you do not have saffron. Then in another pan, heat some ghee and fry the rice nicely until it is fragrant. Add a bit of milk so it doesn’t stick to the pan. Then add the milk and sugar mixture. Then let the rice cook, and make sure the rice absorbs all of the milk. Add the dry fruits and nuts and cook thoroughly again.  

Serve Modur Pulao hot with any curry of your choice. The sweetness of your rice compliments the savoury curries very well. Here is the complete recipe. Try it and let us know. Do not forget to share the pictures with us.