Emu Eggs: Its Rs 600/Piece And Can Feed Up To 5 People
Image Credit: Herechookchook/facebook

Eggs are a staple breakfast all over the world. Loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, they are enjoyed in a variety of ways such as sandwiches, omelette, scrambled and boiled eggs. In Indian cuisine it is also used to make bhurji, curry and biryani which are perfect to enjoy as a wholesome meal for lunch as well as dinner

Apart from chicken, duck, turkey, goose and quail eggs are some popular types that are consumed all over the world. But have you ever tried emu eggs? This extraordinary variety of egg is not only unique in its size but also contains many nutritional treasures. It is said to be equivalent to twelve chicken eggs and can feed a whole family. 

A single emu egg can weigh around 400 to 650 grams and has an average width and length of 87 mm and 130 mm, respectively. With this we can understand that one person cannot finish the whole egg in a single serving. There should be at least five people to eat one emu egg. Unlike other eggs, they have a gorgeous dark green emerald colour which is due to the presence of the biliverdin pigment in the shell. If you are planning to cook an emu egg at home, then you will definitely need a bigger frying pan or a large cooking utensil.  

As they are larger than our common poultry eggs, one emu egg costs around Rs. 600 per piece. They taste very similar to chicken eggs but are slightly richer and creamier than them. These eggs can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes such as omelette, poached and boiled eggs. Another reason why it is so expensive is because the population of emu is very less as compared to chicken.  

Here are a few benefits of eating emu eggs: 

  • According to a report by Dr. Bill Sukala they are a good source of protein, minerals and healthy fats.  
  • Emu eggs contain all eight of the essential amino acids.  
  • They are richer in MUFA (monosaturated fatty acid) and PUFA (polysaturated fatty acid) than chicken eggs. 
  • Emu eggs also have lower level of cholesterol as compared to hen eggs, making it good for the heart. 
  • These nutrients present in emu eggs contribute to improving overall health, immune function and boost energy levels.