EU Flags More Than 400 Indian Food Products For Contamination
Image Credit: Unsplash

Adding to the widespread news stories of contaminated and adulterated Indian food products from countries across the world, a PDF report published by the Deccan Herald stated that 400 Indian food products of export quality were flagged in a span of five years, by the EU. 14 of the flagged items were reported to cause organ damage due to the presence of chemicals like mercury and cadmium in fish, octopus and squid. Cadmium is known to increase risks of contracting chronic diseases like kidney failure and cardiovascular damage, whereas the presence of carcinogenic pesticides in 59 products including rice, herbs and spices.

A fungicide called tricyclazole which was banned by the Union was detected in these products, some of which had more than five different types laced over. Products like chillies, coffee and rice as well as 20 other products contained 2-chloroethanol – a by-product of ethylene oxide, which has been traced in spice and herb blends recently. Bacteria species like salmonella was also found in 100 food products including organic shatavari, ashwagandha and sesame seeds. Groundnut kernels and seed crackers were flagged for containing poisonous carcinogens like aflatoxins on one hand, while rice flour samples contained chlorpyrifos.

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Healthy food products like moringa and spices such as coriander seeds were among the exhaustive list of products which contained harmful pesticides that caused ill-effects like neurodevelopmental disorders in children, respiratory issues and impacting reproductive health.