Enjoy Unique Dine-In Experiences At These Sky Restaurants

Dining experiences have become very special these days and each one is in the lookout to have unique experience or the other. And going by the same imagine dining sky-high right in the middle up there suspended as sip some of your favourite cocktails. That’s exactly what sky dining is all about and the same concept of sky dining was first introduced in 2008 in Bengaluru. Stunning view, great food and a memorable flying experience what else one can ask for.

Here’s out list of best sky restaurants in the country. 

Biswa Bangla Gate, Kolkata

Kolkata sees an extraordinary dining address that’s the Biswa Bangla Gate. This architectural marvel also sees a multi cuisine restaurant that gives you a great view of the city as you dine there. This oval-shaped hanging restaurant is at a height of 55 metres and yes it only allows those with formals. The glass laminated silicone sheets is made in such a way that it can withstand gale-force winds, hailstorms and extreme heat. Offering a 360 degrees panoramic view the capacity f the place is only 72. Diners are only allowed in the gallery between 7pm to 10pm. The menu here is done by Cafe Ekante,  and it’s prepared in a kitchen that’s located in the ground floor and sent via service elevator. The menu is pretty exhaustive and yes for an experience like that it won’t pinch your pocket. 

The graphite wall art sees cute art works of Ma durga, Bengali Bor-Bou, a hand pulled rickshaw and more. And yes if you plan to visit here, then please an reservation well in advance as that’s mandatory. 

Fly Dining, Noida

In our very own Noida, there’s a very unique dining experience that one can enjoy; it’s the Fly Dining. This elevated dining sees drink and be merry at the height of 160 Feet. The whole structure is supported by one crane, and can house 22 people around the table along with a staff of 4 people at its center. The food is mostly Indian but more than that experience matters. While mounted there one can get a glimpse of all of Noida’s skyline. This experiential restaurant is all about that unique adventure that you would be wanting to have as you dine too. 

Hanging Restaurant, Bengaluru

Dine-in as you are suspended mid sky almost 160 feet above ground level. Imagine the thrill and excitement. The Hanging Restaurant sees a set menu that is not cooked live. The menu includes some grilled chicken or sauteed vegetables with herb rice, croquettes and bruschetta. Along with is a nice seasonal fruit bowl and mocktail also are part of the menu. The mocktail session sees some drinks and snacks. The whole experience is for around one and half hour. Keeping all safety protocols in place this 22 seater Hanging Restaurant near Nagavara Lake in Hebbal is changing the way people dine in the city. This one is all about adventure and luxury dining packed in one.