Enjoy Tandoori Chicken At Home Even Without An Oven
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There are many different chicken recipes to enjoy in North Indian cuisine. But tandoori chicken is the one dish that the entire nation adores. Every restaurant, café, and streetside serves this dish. Additionally, it is a well-known appetiser at several gatherings and weddings. However, if we don't have a tandoor or an oven, some of us could struggle when creating this dish at home. But even without this equipment, preparing tandoori chicken is not particularly difficult. To prepare tandoori chicken at home, there are no particular guidelines and techniques. You can even prepare it without an oven.

Pan Fried 

One of the most popular and simple ways to prepare tandoori chicken at home without an oven is by using this technique. All that is required is to create the tandoori chicken base and pan-fry it in butter. To ensure that it cooks through well from the inside, cook it covered on a low to medium heat. Take a piece of charcoal, heat it, and then add some ghee to give it a smoky flavour. Your entire home will smell amazing when you top this with tandoori chicken! 

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The alternate approach is also simple. You'll need a metal rack for this, which you'll need to maintain on top of the burner. After that, keep the chicken pieces on top and brush them with oil or butter(ghee can add more richness). Your tandoori chicken would be ready in no time if you rotate them so that they cook equally from all sides. 


This takes the least amount of time and is the easiest way. You would need a modern microwave with various settings, though. When your chicken has finished marinating, heat it in the microwave for three minutes. In this manner, the chicken is internally cooked and outside lightly charred. When necessary, cook it for a few minutes more after checking it frequently. 


Ordinary angeethi is used in a lot of traditional families. Some of us could even use it to prepare special curries. Why not cook some tandoori chicken over it this time? To cook the marinated chicken, all you need to do is wrap it in foil and place it over the angeethi. Serve and savour once finished! 

Air Fry 

Air frying is the newest technique if you're one of those people who prefers to cook with little to no butter or oil. A platter full of delicious tandoori chicken will be ready in a matter of minutes with just a tiny amount of oil. 

Consider these cooking methods the next time you prepare tandoori chicken at home!