Enjoy Fresh Juice At Home With These Top 5 Electric Juicers
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Specifications to check:

Size: Since electric juicers exist in different sizes, it's important to pick the proper one for your kitchen.

Capacity: When making selections, keep your family's ideal size in mind. If you're alone or with two to three other people, a 1.5 -litre quantity, for example, may be enough.

Power Consumption: Take into account the appliance's power consumption to make sure it is within your budget and meets your energy needs.

USB Charging: Electric juicers that use USB-C charging are frequently found; if you're camping and don't want to risk running out of electricity, you may charge it wirelessly. Enjoy a refreshing beverage wherever you want—in the workplace, when travelling, etc.—with just one click.

Timer: A timer's role is important. Using this function, you may set the time.

Accessories: It's necessary to search for all of the Electric Juicer's accessories.

Top Recommended Products

Our PicksProductsAmazon Links
Professional Feature wise Best PickPhilips Viva Collection HR1832/00 1.5-Litre400-Watt JuicerProduct Link 
Budget BuyNutriPro Juicer Mixer Grinder - Smoothie Maker - 500 WattsProduct Link 
Beginner FriendlyBlendLife Pro Portable Blender For Juices, Shakes, SmoothiesProduct Link

Top 5 Electric Juicers for Fresh Juice at Home    

1. Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 1.5-Litre400-Watt Juicer

This Philips electric juicer operates by a powerful motor. The juicer won't drip because of the drip-stop spout that is included. It is an integrated pulp container that enables you to gather all the pulp in one place for simple removal and disposal.Here are its key specifications as well as its pros and cons. 

Main Features: 

  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires.
  • Material housing: ABS Plastic and Material jug: PP Plastic
  • Material pulp container and pusher: ABS, SAN
  • Drip stop, compact design, QuickClean technology, smooth and easy to clean, Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Direct serve, QuickClean sieve and can see-through pulp container
  • Make up to 1.5 litre in one go
  • Integrated pulp container


Colour Ink Black
Product Dimensions23.3D x 23.3W x 42H Centimeters
Material Plastic 
Product Care InstructionsDishwasher Safe 
Capacity 1.5 Litres
FeaturesPortable, Easy to clean, Durability, ABS Plastic and Material jug

What we like:

  • This product does not require installation.
  • Material housing is made of ABS plastic and PP plastic.
  • The material jug is also made of ABS and PP plastic.
  • Drip stop is a compact design, making it easy to clean.
  • The QuickClean technology makes it easy to clean the machine.

What we don’t like:

  • The design of this product is bulky and difficult to carry around.
  • The pulp container doesn't have a very large capacity, so they will need to refill it frequently.

Overall Review: The Philips Viva Collection HR1832 is highly recommended for its efficient juice extraction, simplicity of cleaning, durability, and quiet operation.This is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. 

Our Rating

  • Easy to use-4.4
  • Easy to assemble- 4.3
  • Durability- 4.1
  • Easy to clean-  4.1

Common Product Accessories Provided with an electric juicer:

1 Electric Juicer, Warranty Card,  User Manual.

 ASIN ID - B00S9BSJC8   

2. BlendLife Pro Portable Blender For Juices, Shakes, Smoothies

This juicer by Timesoon is portable and can be taken with you wherever you go. It can mix, combine, and grind a variety of fruits and vegetables..Here are its key specifications as well as its pros and cons. 

Main Features: 

  • Elevate Your Blending Game with BlendLife Portable Blenders - Unrivaled Champions of the Market!
  • Unleash Unparalleled Performance: Don't settle for anything less than perfection. Our portable blenders feature powerful motors and ultra-sharp blades that effortlessly pulverize fruits, veggies, and ice, delivering silky-smooth smoothies, refreshing juices, and delectable shakes in seconds.
  • Experience Unmatched Quality: At BlendLife, we prioritize excellence. Our portable blenders are meticulously crafted using premium materials, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting performance. Feel the superior quality that sets us apart from the rest.


Brand BlendLife 
Colour Black 
Capacity 400 Millilitres
Material American Tritan 
Product Dimensions 22D x 9W x 9H Centimeters
Features Easy to Use: Simple operation with intuitive buttons., BPA-Free Materials: Safe and healthy food preparation., Sleek and Modern Look

What we like:

  • Portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Great for making juices and smoothies.
  • Very powerful blender.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with a few different attachments.

What we don’t like:

  • May not blend tough fruits or vegetables well
  • Can be a little noisy

Overall Review: Electric juicers from BlendLife Pro are suitable for small families. Aside from that, it includes additional food options such as cold coffee, milkshakes, and smoothies.When compared to other goods, this is a wonderful deal. This is must buy product on Amazon.

Our Rating

  • Easy to use-4.2
  • Easy to clean- 4.2
  • Value for money- 4.2
  • For travelling-  3.9

Common Product Accessories Provided with an electric juicer:    

Type-C Charging Cable for convenient charging, Product Manual with comprehensive information, Cleaning Brush for easy maintenance and cleaning, Powerful Pro Blender with a capacity of 400ml, Instruction Card for quick setup and guidance

 ASIN ID - B09TQT374D   

3. NutriPro Juicer Mixer Grinder - Smoothie Maker - 500 Watts

The Amazpro Electric Juicer has gained popularity among health-conscious individuals. This juicer can extract juice from even the most difficult fruits and vegetables. Here are its key specifications as well as the pros and cons.

Main Features: 

  • Make Smoothies and Juices within seconds.
  • Also suitable for dry grinding, chutneys and dips
  • Powerful 500 W copper motor can grind almost any food.
  • Best in the segment customer support and quality
  • Includes easy to make and carry sipper jar


Colour Silver
Product Dimensions 30.3D x 13.3W x 22.4H Centimeters
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
FeaturesEasy to clean, Budget friendly, Easy to use, Portable

What we like:

  • Smoothies may be made quickly and easily because to the strong 500 watt motor.
  • The customer support is top notch and the quality of the product is excellent.
  • The customer support is excellent, with quick responses to any queries or problems.
  •  It is affordable, making it a good value for your money.

What we don’t like:

  • It can be difficult to clean due to its small size.
  • It does not come with a manual, making it difficult for first time users to get started.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a low-cost appliance for occasional juicing, this is a great option.In general, this electric juicer is a great option. 

Our Rating

  • Sturdiness- 4.3
  • Easy to use- 4.2
  • Easy to clean- 4.1
  • Value for money- 3.9

Common Product Accessories Provided with an electric juicer:

1 Electric Juicer, Warranty Card


4. PHILIPS Citrus Press Juicer HR2788/00, Black & Transparent, Medium

This amazing Philips juicer will get the maximum nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. The best thing about this juicer is that it requires no assembly and is ready to use instantly. Philips also provides a two-year warranty, which you will like. If you have a problem that is covered by the warranty, Philips will fix it.Here are its key specifications as well as its pros and cons. 

Main Features: 

  • Philips Domestic Appliances is Asia’s most trusted brand(As per Research by ibrands360 & WCRCINT. Category: Home Appliances.)
  • Two way rotation enables maximum juice extraction with in minutes and that too without any hassle 
  • Transparent jar makes it extremely easy to monitor juicing avoiding overflow.
  • Sieve adjuster helps in selecting different levels of pulpiness in juice.


Brand Philips 
Colour Black and Transparent 
Product Dimensions17.1D x 16.7W x 19.5H Centimeters
Material Plastic 
Capacity 10 Cubic Centimeters 
FeaturesPortable, Easy to clean, Durability,Juicer operates quietly,Bpa Free, Premium quality

What we like:

  • Transparent jar makes it extremely easy to monitor juicing, avoiding overflow.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Affordable price.
  • Simple to clean: The juicer extractor is built with multiple easily detachable parts. It has a brush to make cleaning easier. However, do not wash the main body; instead, wipe it down with a wet towel. Other components can be hand-washed. Do not use the dishwasher to clean all of the pieces.
  • Compact Size: The item is incredibly portable and compact in size. It doesn't occupy any space. Use it at home or take it on a picnic to have a healthy juice whenever you like.

What we don’t like:

  • It is not dishwasher safe.
  • Can be a little noisy when in use.

Overall Review: For those seeking for a high-performance juicer, the Phillips Juicer is a great choice.It is worth considering for people who need a powerful fruit juicer on a daily basis.

Our Rating

  • Easy to clean- 3.6
  • Noise Level- 3.5
  • Easy to use-  4.1
  • Value for money-  4.5

Common Product Accessories Provided with an electric juicer:

Fruit Juicer, User Manual and Warranty Card

 ASIN ID - B0944169JX   

5. GaxQuly Electric Juicer 6 Blade Rechargable Portable

The GaxQuly Electric Juicer for Fruits is another affordable option on the market.Here are its key specifications as well as its pros and cons. 

Main Features: 

  • How to Use : Cut small pieces of fruit no more than 1.5 cm
  • Turn over the juicer for 45 degree or 180 degree to release the cutter head. 
  • The switch button and wait until the cutter head rotates, then adjust it back to the right position.
  • Using ways of this portable juicer are not limited. It will not be limited by the angle of putting.
  • Shaking and stirring are acceptable. More ways are waiting for you to develop.
  • Add water or milk, make them lower than 80% of the bottle.


Brand GaxQuly 
Colour Multicolour 
Material Plastic 
Capacity 380 Millilitres 
Style Modern
FeaturesPortable, Easy to clean, Durability,Juicer operates quietly, Affordable

What we like:

  • Portable – This juicer is easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Rechargeable – This juicer can be recharged using the included USB cable, so you can juice whenever you need without having to worry about running out of juice.
  • Easy to use – The juicer is very easy to use, even for beginners. Simply turn it over, press the button, and wait until the cutter head rotates before adjusting it to the right position.

What we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for large fruits and vegetables
  • Some parts are difficult to clean – Parts of the juicer such as the cutting blade and pulp container can be difficult to clean, which could lead to bacteria buildup over time.

Overall Review: The GaxQuly Electric Juicer for Fruits  and Vegetables is clearly not suitable for large gatherings, but it is great for small homes. It also has standard amenities like cold coffee, milkshakes and smoothies, and so on. This is a wonderful deal in terms of price. 

Our Rating

  • Easy to clean- 4.0
  • Noise Level- 4.3
  • Easy to use-  4.1
  • Value for money-  4.1

Common Product Accessories Provided with an electric juicer:    

1 charging cable, 1 Usb Juicer



Q: What are the items that you should not put in the juicer?

A: To keep your juicer last longer, never put pears, pineapple, avocado, apples, or other fibrous vegetables in it whole. It is always best to chop them into tiny pieces before mixing them.

Q: Is it important to clean the juicer after every use?

A:No matter the type of juicer, you need to clean it after each usage. The tiny pulp remains may harden as they dry, making clean later much more challenging.

Q: What is important when buying a juicer?

A: It is best to choose a model with many speed options. Soft fruits can be juiced slowly. Higher speeds are particularly beneficial for hard food products like carrots, beets, coconut, and others. Because breaking down the fibres of hard vegetables takes more effort.

Q: What features to look for in a juicer?

A: The following are some things to look for in the best juicer:

  • It has a warranty term.
  • Possibility of juicing leafy greens
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability