Enduri Pitha: Everything You Need To Know About This Odia Delicacy Made With Fresh Turmeric Leaves
Image Credit: Source: eOdisha.org/Facebook

It is universally acknowledged that Odias can never get tired of boasting about their rich culinary heritage. Deeply rooted in culture, Odia cuisine is an amalgam of some of India’s most celebrated and loved dishes that are a celebration of delicious flavours, textures, and aromas. As an Odia myself, I know the bond we Odias share with regional delicacies. The delicious assortment of sweetmeats, pithas, curries, and desserts are some things we can never get tired of being proud of.

As November is already here, Odias know that the pitha season is here too. From Manda and Kakera pitha for Manabasa Gurubar to Enduri pitha on Prathamashtami, Odias relish varieties of pithas during winters. As we have already discussed Kakera pitha in one of our articles, it's time for us to know about Enduri pitha.

It’s a time for celebration for the eldest kid of the house when winters arrive. The reason is the very popular festival- Prathamashtami. The festival is celebrated to pray for the long life of the eldest child of the house. Being the eldest in my house, Prathamashtami brings with it a tug of war between me and my sister; the war to be fought with taunts and tantrums. The only thing both of us share at this festival is the love for Enduri pitha- the quintessential delicacy of the occasion. The pitha is a specialty in this season as turmeric leaves are abundantly available. Along with the delicious flavours of the plump and soft outer covering and the jaggery and coconut mixture, this dish is most celebrated for its aroma.

Making Enduri pitha isn’t as easy as gobbling it down. Although the filling is quite easy and is subject to change according to your preferences, you need to make the measurements of the soft exterior right to make them plump and soft. The batter is poured on the shiny part of the leaf and the filling through the middle vein. The leaf is then folded to cover the filling perfectly with the batter and is steamed till it's cooked.

Enduri pithas are usually savoured with aloo and white peas curry on the side. However, you can relish it with any type of curry you want. These pithas are perfect to be savoured any time of the day for a filling and wholesome meal. Do you also want to relish some aromatic and indulgent pithas at home? Here’s a detailed recipe for you to try.