Elon Musk In All Praise For Indian Food; Check Tweet

It wouldn’t we wrong to say that Indian cuisine has a powerful impact on the global cuisine. The outstanding flavours, ethnicity and texture of rich Indian food has never failed to amaze people. Distinguished by fresh combination of spices, rich ingredients, unique cooking methods and enticing aroma, desi Indian food not just appeals to Indians but people from all across the world. Some Indian dishes have a wide palate, while some are so delicious that they will leave your drooling every now and then. 

While King Charles III has a special love for Brilliant Restaurant, an Indian restaurant in London, Lady Gaga says she ‘loves’ curry. While Apple CEO Tim Cook finds Vada Pav ‘delicious’, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti declares Maharashtrian Saoji Mutton his favourite. Recently, there has been a new entry in the list of Indian food lovers. Can you guess? Well, it is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. In reply to one of the tweets from his followers, Elon Musk praised Indian food.  

Twitter user Daniel shared a picture of butter chicken, naan and rice and wrote ‘I love basic bitch Indian food it’s so insanely good’. Replying to this tweet, Elon Musk said ‘True’. This one ‘reply’ from the Tesla CEO led to a flood of tweets in the comment section. While some invited him to try the different nuances of Indian cuisine, some thanked him for praising Indian food on such a platform. Here is the tweet:  

While a twitter user commented ‘The Indian food you had growing up in South Africa is probably nowhere as good to what my mum (non-vegetarian) or my mum in law (vegetarian) can cook up in a jiffy. And I can testify they find mavericks more endearing than annoying too! You’d be welcome over a meal if you’d like’, another user said ‘Try yourself, there are thousands of varieties you must try everyday some different dishes. Please plan a visit to India for the real taste of India 😊'. 

Recently, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, during his recent trip to Delhi, visited Maharashtra bhavan in Delhi. There, he relished an array of Maharashtrian delicacies, right from Bharli vangi to sago to Saoji mutton and finished off the ‘incredible’ with ghee-laden puran poli. Click here to read more about it.