Elevate Store Bought Sauces Using 6 Creative Tips
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Sauces and seasoning mixes, as amazing they are as shortcuts to flavour, must be used optimally and correctly – to extract the maximum flavour out of food. In the case of everyday meals, especially with work and other commitments, finding the time to cook an elaborate meal can be next to impossible. While using these flavour mediums as a crutch to make your food taste good is great in itself, how can you best utilise that bottle of BBQ sauce or Caesar salad dressing in more ways than what’s prescribed? Read on to know more.


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When it really comes down to it, a marinade is technically as good as dressing. Similar to the latter, it has all the elements – oil, herbs and spices. Throw a couple of tablespoons of your favourite BBQ sauce over paneer or drizzle some Chipotle sauce over chicken thighs before resting them for a few minutes and grilling or stir frying.

Finishing Glaze

Mixing a bit of honey mustard with olive oil can make for a beautiful glaze to brush over freshly baked patties, pies and even puffs. Activate the flavours of the sauce by brushing it on savoury food while it is still warm, so that it spreads evenly and leaves a glossy shine as it sets.

Pasta Sauce

While using a single sauce to coat cooked pasta sounds pretty unappetising, combining a creamy thousand island dressing with a sharp marinara sauce, gives you the quintessential ‘desi pasta’ feel – with its creamy and spicy flavours. Mix some BBQ sauce with a spicy chilli sauce to make a fusion pasta recipe and top it off with some pulled pork or chicken, to keep with the theme.

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Enliven boring sandwiches, burgers and wraps by adding a couple of spoonfuls of any sauce that you have got lying around, for some pizzazz. Mix and match your sauces, depending on what flavours you enjoy eating together and pair a sharp mustard sauce with some iceberg lettuce, cheese and sliced ham in a sandwich. You could also use some caramelised onions to offset the mustard’s pungency.


Have friends or colleagues over at the house last minute, leaving you with hardly any time to rustle something up? Simply mix a sweet-spicy sauce or a mint mayonnaise with some sour cream for an instant dip to pair with chips or toasted breads. Add some pesto sauce to hummus and serve as a deliciously herby Mediterranean dip.


Add a thin layer of creamy tandoori mayonnaise instead of butter, before toasting your bread slices. Similarly, brush some bottled salad dressing over bell peppers and onions before grilling or roasting, to amplify their flavours as well as adding an interesting depth of seasoning to your vegetables.