Fried Chicken Day: This Chipotle Chili Fried Chicken By Chef Ravish Mishra Is A Must-Try
Image Credit: Chipotle Chili Fried Chicken By Chef Ravish Mishra

Fried Chicken is often considered one of the most common comfort dishes. If done right and cooked well, fried chicken is juicy, filled with layers of flavour and at the same time crispy. Hence, many have attempted and created their renditions of the all-time-favourite. On the occasion of Fried Chicken Day, Ravish Mishra, Executive Chef from The Westin Goa, shares his lip-smacking recipe Chipotle chilli fried chicken. 

Chipotle chilli fried chicken

Southern-style fried chicken with a twist of Mexican spices and chipotle chilli. Fried chicken makes it super juicy, perfectly tender and throughout seasoned. If you desire soft pieces of chicken with a chipotle chilli crispy batter kick, then this is for you. 

INGREDIENTS QUANTITY (for two portions)

  • Chicken breast with skin and bone 2 nos 
  • Chicken leg with skin and bone 2 nos 
  • Buttermilk 250 ml 
  • Paprika powder 25 Gms 
  • Brown Sugar 25 Gms 
  • Rock Salt 50 Gms 
  • Lemon Juice 10 Ml 
  • Onion Powder 20 Gms 
  • Garlic powder 20 Gms 
  • Hot sauce 100 ml 
  • Chipotle chilli paste 25 Gms 
  • Fajita seasoning 10 Gms 
  • Egg 2 nos 
  • Refined flour 250 Gms 
  • Shortening for frying 
  • Basil or Mint sprigs for garnish 


  1. Take the washed and clean chicken, marinate with salt, lemon juice, paprika PD: sugar and hot sauce. Rub the chipotle paste on the chicken and keep it marinated overnight. 
  2. In a separate container, make a mixture of remaining powder spices, onion and garlic powder, hot sauce, buttermilk, egg, half of the flour. Dip the chicken and keep soaked for 4 hrs. 
  3. In a flat pan, put remaining flour and season with paprika and salt. Dab the chicken in flour mixture until nicely coated evenly from all sides. 
  4. Deep fry on a slow heat in shortening until golden brown—dust with fajita seasoning on top.

Served with savoury waffle and chipotle mayonnaise dip.