Eid Ul-Adha 2024: DIY Brownie Hampers For Your Loved Ones

Eid ul-Adha is a festive celebration to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son Ismail to fulfil the command of Allah SWT. People visit mosques, offer prayers, prepare feasts, perform charity, and exchange greetings and gifts with loved ones and friends. While the rituals and feasts are pre-planned, the struggle is to find the perfect gift.

Video Credit: Masala Kitchen/ YouTube

When you exchange presents at festivals, you want them to convey how much the other person means to you. If you want to share personal gifts with your loved ones, there is nothing better than cooking for them. Apart from the feast, you can make DIY brownie hampers and showcase how much your loved ones mean to you. Take note of these recommendations.

Brownie Gift Jar

You can make a hamper of brownie jars. It is quick to assemble and looks luscious when wrapped in ribbons and arranged in the basket. The secret to making these jars look irresistible is layering brownies with dry ingredients and a variety of fruit creams. You can add a layer of cocoa powder, chocolate mousse, mango cream, strawberry chutney, and more. It will make the jars appear vibrant, making it difficult for your guests to not dig in right in front of you.

Brownie Sundae Kit

You must have seen famous pastry chefs showcasing perfectly baked brownies topped with lip-smacking toppings. While you cannot gift an assembled plate of brownies, you can certainly arrange assortments in a basket and present them to your loved ones. In a box, add brownie squares that your friends can instantly warm in a microwave. In other airtight jars, you can store caramel sauce, hot fudge, colourful sprinkles, and chopped nuts. The moment your friends get home, they will instantly follow your assembly guide to indulge in the dessert.

Classic Brownie Assortment

While you can experiment with a variety of toppings, the classic brownie assortment remains an option that you can never go wrong with. Make a few chocolates, brownies and some other varieties with toppings of nuts and dry fruits. Arrange them in a gift box along with some homemade chocolates. Your loved ones will thank you for such a thoughtful gift. 

Brownies And Truffles

While you are busy making brownies, take some time to make truffles as well. You can also combine the recipes for brownies and truffles to create magic in your kitchen and add a symphony of flavours in every bite. You will be able to create a blend of petite and fudgy delectables and assemble them in a basket. Throw in small packets of dry fruits and candied fruits, and your package will stand out.

Brownie Cake

This is one of the greatest ideas that will make your package memorable. Prepare a batch of brownies, and while they bake, mix cream cheese, chocolate, and other essentials needed to make fudgy frosting. In a box, arrange brownie pieces with layers of fudgy frosting and refrigerate for a while. Remember to gift these boxes to your guests right before they are about to leave your house because brownie cake does not have a long shelf life.