Eid 2022 Special- The Story Of Pheni And Why It Is Good For Sehri
Image Credit: Pheni is fried in ghee and later put in boiling milk/ https://hamariweb.com/

A not so common sweet Pheni happens to be a popular sight on the streets of Old Dilli mostly around Ramzan. People set up exclusive stalls just selling some Pheni and Khajla. This shehri special sweet is an effort of hardwork. This very thin and delicate form of vermicelli, pheni is fried in ghee and then served in milk. The fine thing noodle that is from semolina, butter and fine wheat flour, all are mixed together into a dough and then that is left in ghee for 15 minutes. The origin is debatable as the name is considered to have come from the Middle East or Central Asia, but this dish  is much similar to Rajisthani sutarfeni.

Author and Chef Sadaf Hussain says “To make pheni, the dough is divided into lemon-sized balls. Each ball is assiduously rolled into fine strings, bunched up to create a ball (similar to wool balls), and then they are carefully deep fried till golden brown. Pheni require great skill, and these were not popular street food items about 20 years ago. They were prepared at home, either by a family member who knew the finer details or a cook was hired who specialised in making them. With time, street vendors and shops began selling these, and instead of the arduous process of home cooking, people opted for the ease of store-bought festive specialties.”. 

Adorable round pieces of Pheni is fried in ghee and later put in boiling milk Pheni is an ideal tasty and simple dessert. The making of pheni is tedious as the dough is stretched using with a mixture of corn flour and ghee and doubled. This single process is repeated for many time like at least 10 or 11 times before the dough acquires a flat shape and is ready to be deep fried. Then the pheni is fried and served with milk and sugar, and garnished with dry fruits like almonds and pistachios.

Pheni is fried in ghee and later put in boiling milk/ https://hamariweb.com/


Sadaf also adds that “Pheni  is served in piping hot milk. My father made pheni at home in his childhood. It prompted me to enquire why we eat fried food first thing in the morning. He said these are not heavy on the palate, ingredients like semolina and ghee stem hunger while fasting, and this meal is digested slowly in the body. He believes the combination of milk and ghee keeps the body cool too”

The interesting fact is that since pheni is made from semolina and ghee so it is digests slowly and keeps away your hunger during fast and helps you hold through the day. 

How to make dip Pheni in milk


    100 grams Pheni Roll

    300 ml Milk

    1 tbsp Ghee

    2 tbsps Cashew

    2 tbsps Raisins

    2 tsps Badam Powder (optional)


    In a heavy bottom pan, pour the milk and bring it to boil. Then lower the heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes till slightly thick.

    Then add the sugar and badaam powder as per taste and then let it simmer for two more minutes.

    Add the pheni and mix well. Switch off the gas and let it stand for 5-10 minutes

    Post this in a small pan, roast cashew and raisins in some heated ghee. 

    Add to the kheer and serve warm.