Eid 2023: Chef Irfan Sayyad Shares Sheer Korma, Murgh Parchey
Image Credit: Image courtesy: Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Eid Ul-Fitr is almost upon us as the holy month of Ramadan ends soon this year. While most Muslims across India have been following the regular fast which begins with Suhoor and ends with Iftar, everyone is looking forward to Eid and the delicious feast that is traditionally whipped up to celebrate it. You might have come across many Eid-special dishes that should be included in your Eid platter. Chef Irfan Sayyad, Chef De Cuisine at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, has two recipes that you must include in this platter. Take a closer look and give these recipes a try. 

Murgh Ke Parchey 

A roasted chicken recipe popular across the Indian subcontinent, Murgh Ke Parchey works brilliantly as a starter. When paired with Rumali Rotis or Ulte Tawa Ka Paratha, these kebabs also make for a main course option. 

Image courtesy: Grand Hyatt Mumbai


300 g chicken breast 

5 g ginger paste 

5 g garlic paste 

10 g cumin powder 

10 g yellow chilli powder 

5 g red chilli powder 

5 g turmeric powder 

80 g hung curd 

20 g roasted Bengal gram powder 

5 g garam masala powder 

25 ml ghee 

15 g bell pepper brunoise 

10 g processed cheese, grated 

1 small lemon 

Cilantro sprigs, for garnishing 

Salt, to taste 


1. Take two lean pieces of chicken breast. 

2. Marinate it with ginger garlic paste and the dry spices.  

3. Allow it to rest for at least two hours. 

4. Take a grill pan, add ghee, once hot, slowly sear the chicken on both sides.  

5. Once the chicken gets cooked, remove it from the pan and allow it to rest for a while to stop the overcooking process.  

6. Later add processed cheese, brunoise bell peppers and cook in the salamander/oven with the closed lid until the cheese melts.  

7. Your Murgh Parchey is ready to serve with mint chutney. 

Sheer Korma 

Is Eid ever complete without Sheer Korma? Of course not! This stunning dessert is a must-have on Eid Ul-Fitr, so try this recipe you must. 

Image courtesy: Grand Hyatt Mumbai


80 g vermicelli 

2 litre full fat milk 

50 g khoya 

3 tbsp kewra water 

200 g sugar 

60 g sliced nuts 

10 g cardamom powder 

150 g ghee 

Saffron strands, for garnish 


1. Take a pot, add milk and bring it to boil to reduce it to one-fourth. 

2. In a pan add ghee, roast vermicelli until it gets a nice brown color. 

3. Add the vermicelli directly into the reduced milk, allow it to simmer and get fully cooked in the milk.  

4. Add khoya and sugar, and let everything get immerse together.  

5. Once vermicelli gets cooked properly add kewra water & cardamom to it. 

6. Now check the sweetness and flavor, then take it off the stove. 

7. In a pan, add ghee, sauté assorted nuts and roast it to a brown color. Top it directly over the sheer korma.  

8. Garnish it with sliced nuts and a few saffron strands. 

9. The Sheer Korma is ready to serve and share with your loved ones.