Eid 2022- This Festive Season Move From The Usual And Try Some Dum Dudhiya Biryani By Chef Vivek Rana
Image Credit: Dum Dudhiya Biryani by Executive Chef Vivek Rana / The Claridges. New Delhi

How cane Eid be complete without some Biriyani. This dish that finds its roots in Persia, the dish derived from the Birian, means ‘fried before cooking’ and Birinj,  which means rice in Persian. This dish was later developed and given a little more richness in the Mughal royal kitchen. While another theory says that Biriyani was brought to India by the Turk-Mongol conqueror, Taimur, in the year 1398. 

Originally Biryani used to be also a non- veg preparation but later with time and age this dish has seen many variations and has also gotten a facelift. One such lesser known biriyani preparation is the Dum Dudhiya Biryani. Bottle gourd which is known as Lauki is pretty much widely used in Indian cooking and more most interesting preparation is this. This spiced vegan rice preparation is an ultimate for the non meat lovers. 

Dum Dudhiya Biryani by Executive Chef Vivek Rana / The Claridges. New Delhi


Here's the Dum Dudhiya Biryani recipe by Executive Chef Vivek Rana at The Claridges. New Delhi

Dum Dudhiya Biryani


    1 kg Mutton curry cut         

    250 gm Onion slice             

    5-6 No’s Garlic cloves             

    5-6 No’s Ginger sliced             

    4-5 No’s Green Chilly              

    6 No’s, Green cardamom          

    5gm Green cardamom powder    

    4 No’s Bay leaf            

    100 gm curd                

    100 gm White butter              

    50 gm Desi ghee             

    100 ml Fresh cream             

    500 ml Mutton stock             

    1 tsp Rose water               

    1 tsp Kewra water            

    20 gm (tie in muslin cloth tightly) Khas ki jad             

    600 gm (soaked for 1 hour) Biryani rice              

    Salt to taste

For Jhol: butter 50 gm, cream 50 gm and little stock mix together and heat it.

Garnish: Mint leaf – 20 gm, green chili slit  4-5 Nos, kewra water 1 tsp, rose water – 1 tsp.

(To put on the top of rice before cover the lid )


    Take a heavy bottomed pan put mutton , onion, ginger, garlic, salt, green cardamom, bay leaf, khas ki jad, curd, butter and ghee , mix it .

    Close the lid, and turn on the fire to medium heat and let it cook for 10 minutes.

    Stir the mutton occasionally using ladle, now add in mutton stock and cook.

    When the mutton become tender, strain the stock and keep it aside.

    Add half of cream in mutton, mix with strain gravy, add kewra and rose water.

    Then put the cooked mutton in same heavy bottomed pan.

    On the other side, boil 4 Liter of water with green cardamom, bay leaf, salt to taste and a small bunch of mint leaf.

    Remove all the ingredients from water before adding rice in it.

    Now take the mutton stock in handi, put it on low heat and bring to boil.

    When the rice cooked 80%, take out the rice and spread it in mutton handi.

    Avoid breaking the rice and cover all the mutton, now add in some jhol in middle of rice.

    Now spread the garnish and add cardamom powder & cover it by lid and Put it on Dum on low heat.

    When the steam starts coming up from sides of the lid, then the biryani is cooked.

    Turn the biryani carefully, mix it well and serve with raita.