Eid 2022: The Best Places For Haleem In Delhi
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWmMQDIOxhx/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. Haleem, a stew made with meat, wheat or barley and lentils, is a fixture at Eid tables.

Eid is a time when streets around the city come alive with food that’s characteristic of the festival. Everything from biryani to haleem is served as a celebratory meal. It’s a magical time, meant for prayer, goodwill, feasting and merriment. If there’s one dish that defines Eid feasts around the country, it’s haleem. A kind of stew made with meat, wheat or barley and lentils, haleem is a classic dish that’s found at most Eid tables. Both restaurants and street stalls in Delhi begin to set up their kadhais to prepare tasty haleem during the Holy month and for Eid. If you’re in the capital and looking for good haleem, here are four places that make the dish:

Rafique Bhai

Fondly called Pappu, Rafique Bhai is more of a one-man street stall than a shop or restaurant. Customers pour in as the aroma of fresh haleem wafts across the street from his kadhai. Pappu has been selling his homemade haleem near Jama Masjid for over 15 years and even receives orders for weddings. If you’re walking from the Matai Mahal side, take a left at Chitli Qabar Chowk and you’ll be able to see Pappu ladling haleem into plates, all for a very humble price. 

Location: 1273 Pahari Imli, Jama Masjid, Delhi.

Timings: Daily, 24 hours. Timings may differ on Eid. 

Cost for two: ₹20

Bundu Haleem Wala

Bundu Haleem Wala begins to serve haleem from noon onwards. The stall is manned by Mohammed Naimuddin, Bundu Haleemwala’s son, and draws in a crowd as soon as the haleem is ready to be served. In true street style, the haleem from this place is wiped clean within three hours of its preparation. Bundu Haleem Wala’s haleem uses buffalo meat, wheat and chana dal. 

Location: 112, Matia Mahal Road, Kalan Mahal, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.

Timings: Saturday-Thursday, noon-4pm. Timings may differ on Eid. 

Cost for two: ₹60

Anwar Food Corner

A well-lit shop near Jama Masjid, Anwar Food Corner is hard to miss. While the menu mainly focuses on dishes like nihari and mutton paya, haleem is served during the Holy month of Ramadan and for Eid. Anwar Food Corner’s haleem uses chicken and is well known for having the right consistency. The menu also has a concise Chinese section with dishes like chilli chicken, chicken manchurian and chicken chowmein on it. 

Location: Shop No. 911, Jama Masjid Road, Jama Masjid, Old Delhi.

Timings: Daily, 11am-1am. Timings may differ on Eid. 

Cost for two: ₹200

Madina Chicken Corner

Known mainly for selling biryani and nihari, Madina Chicken Corner also serves ‘daleem’, which is the Western UP name for haleem poured over biryani. At Madina Chicken Corner, the daleem comes garnished with onions. It is a Ramadan/Eid special only. On regular days, the menu includes chicken fry, fish fry, chicken lollipops, galouti kebabs and biryani. 

Location: 6 Zakir Nagar Main Road, Jamia Nagar, Jogabai Extension, Zakir Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi. 

Timings: Daily, 8am-11pm. Timings may differ on Eid. 

Cost for two: ₹200