Effortless Meal Prep: How A Food Processor Simplifies Cooking
Image Credit: Glen India

Designed to perform tasks quickly and efficiently, a food processor can chop, slice, shred and puree ingredients in a fraction of the time it would typically take to do perform tasks manually in the kitchen. Particularly valuable for hectic work days when you’d want to spend little time throwing together a meal, this multi-purpose kitchen appliance provides consistent and uniform results, ensuring that ingredients are evenly prepped for a recipe, in order to achieve balanced flavours and textures.

Take the example of Glen’s Food Processor Kitchen Machine – with three jars serving a different function each, 6 discs and 3 speed settings for maximum convenience. With a significant variety of attachments and blades, this appliance is versatile for a wide range of kitchen tasks – from chopping vegetables, kneading dough and making sauces. Not only will this eliminate the need for extensive manual labour – thus reducing the physical strain on the cook, but also streamlines the processes, allowing one to prepare ingredients efficiently and move on to other aspects of cooking.

Chopping & Slicing

The variety of blades and attachments make chopping and slicing vegetables, fruits and other ingredients quick and uniform. Eliminating the need for manual chopping, the food processor reduces meal preparation time significantly.

Grinding & Pureeing

Labour intensive tasks, like making almond flour or creating large batches of smooth sauces and dips, can be easily accomplished with a food processor. The appliance allows for a faster speed at which ingredients can be broken down, than doing so by hand, especially when you’re cooking for a crowd.

Shredding & Grating

Grating cheese or shredding vegetables can be time-consuming or feel like too much to do, when it needs to be manually. A food processor – equipped with the appropriate attachments, can perform these tasks in a jiffy, making meal preparation more efficient and feel like a breeze. Whether it is pizza night or making a salad bowl for the family, get your ingredients prepped in the blink of an eye!

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Kneading Dough

Making dough for bread, rotis or pies? Simplify the recipe with the help of a food processor. Not only does the food processor save you of the physical effort it might take to make your dough, but also balance the texture and ensure that your ingredients are evenly distributed throughout without creating a mess on the kitchen counter.


Creating salad dressings, mayonnaise or a hollandaise sauce for brunch provides a smooth, creamy and consistent texture, preventing your sauce from breaking or the temperature varying too much. Whether you want to drizzle your olive oil in slowly while making mayonnaise or simply want to throw in a couple of ice cubes midway through making hummus, the food processor is what’ll do the job.