Ed Sheeran Serving Hot Dogs In Chicago Is Too Cute To Miss

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is currently touring some of the world's major cities, popping up at different spots to sing karaoke and celebrate with the locals. The singer has also been indulging in culinary adventures, he has been seen handing out pizzas and in a recent Instagram reel can also been seen prepping and selling hotdogs in the bustling city of Chicago.

The singer took to learning how to make the famous American street food at the popular spot, The Weiner Circle in the city. Known for their very passionate language, the manager at the crowded spot can be seen shouting to Ed's fans to grab a dog and a picture while at the stand. She can also be seen saying that if Ed is going to pop into her store, she is going to teach him how to make a hot dog.

Captioning his reel, the pop singer was all praises for this local haunt and wrote, "This place is legendary is [sic] Chicago for serving hot dogs and insulting their customers. I loved it." Known for his soft rock and pop hits, this new intern at the Weiner Circle can be seen serving as a line cook and catering to a host of fans calling out his name.

The Weiner Circle also shared a picture on Instagram with the comment, "Our newest trainee has a lot to learn, he's way too proper and friendly," and that strikes true because as Ed can be seen lathering a hot dog with pickles, he all smiles and no insults while greeting his many fans!

Hot dogs are a classic American street food variety made from grilled or steamed sausages that are stuffed into a cylindrical bun. They are seasoned with mustard and ketchup but over time a number of different regional hot dog variations have come up, some of which have coleslaws and salsas as dressings.

The singer is working on making a Chicago-style hot dog in the reel. This is essentially made of a beef frankfurter topped with sweet pickle relish, mustard, onions, some tomatoes, dill pickle, peppers and celery salt all wrapped in a poppy seed bun. At The Weiner Circle, you can enjoy this delicious American street food along with a funny and entertaining barrage of insults! 

In the past few days, Ed has hardly been the only celebrity to take on the task of serving food to customers. Recently, Prince William was also spotted rolling out some environment-friendly burgers at a food truck. He took to serving this popular dish that was made using ingredients and kitchen apparatus devised in keeping with environment-conscious choices.  

Ed has been visiting several cities doing a number of interesting things on a tour that began in Dublin in April 2023. Tell us in the comments below if you would like to have a hot with a side of insults like Ed's fans and what your favourite dressing would be!