Eau Chew: The Oldest Chinese Eatery In Kolkata With A Heritage Tag
Image Credit: Facebook/Dipayan Ricky Ghosh

Kolkata is one that city that sees a very distinct Chinese population that still exist. True to their roots they are maintaining their cultural ethos and yet over the years have blended very well with the city people too. Be it teratti bazar or China town (Tangra) Kolkata sees the highest concentration of Indian Chinese people in the country. Interestingly amongst them very few know Mandarin while a good number speak Hakka. And since the city sees such a Chinese influence Chinese eateries cuisine can’t be left behind. 

While both the localities it Teratti bazar or China town (Tangra) are packed with Chinese eateries, one place that has hit the chord with the people of Kolkata is Eau Chew which means means “Europe” in Mandarin one of the oldest Chinese eateries that even has a heritage tag. Even the Indian Chinese Association has given Eau Chew the tag of oldest surviving Chinese –family-owned Chinese restaurant in India. Approximately 98- years-old, this family run restaurant that still serves the secret family-owned recipes with home-made ingredients is known for its authentic taste and price point. 

Started with the whole idea to serve tiffin for the Chinese immigrants, today this place is currently run by run by Joel Huang, who is the 4th-generation , his mother, Josephine Li Ying Huang is known for the famed Josephine Noodles. It’s a pot of pan-fried noodles that sees a medley of chicken, prawns, mushrooms and other colourful veggies. It’s absolutely soothing and delight to eat mostly in winter. Interestingly this place never hires a cook but only stewards and helpers and this way their recipes still stay intact. The kitchen is the place where the lady of the house dishes out all the heritage delicacies and each dish is well scrutinized before serving.

Located at Ganesh Chandra Avenue crossing as you move towards BBD bagh, as you step inside this place it’s almost like time travel. Another dish that’s a hit here is Eau Chew is ‘Roasted Chilly Pork,’ with a smoky flavour and the Chimney soup that sees a brass pot soup container which has a Chimney in the middle with burning coals inside that helps to keep the soup warm. the soup is loaded with chicken, prawn, pork, fish cubes, vegetables and egg drops. A small portion can easily fill 2-3 people. The place still takes pride in their old school crockeries and other utensils as you can still see age old brass containers being used that were brought by Achumpa Huang. Chimney Soup is the most famous soup available here. 

For the dumpling lovers, pork and prawn stuffed Sui Mai that sees a  crispy exterior and a must try here.  This place is a standing example of how the Chinese community has lived through in this city. A meal that will satisfy you to bits and not even pinch your pocket this place is worth a visit when you are in hunt for some real authentic Chinese flavours.