Eating Out? 7 Fine-Dining Restaurant Etiquettes You Must Know
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Fine dining is considered a proper experience of eating delicious food at high-end restaurants. The food served at these restaurants is properly thought of and served with a lot of precision and care. Knowing the right dining etiquette is extremely important to enjoy the experience to its fullest potential. It is often considered as a superficial thing which is why people avoid gathering information about the proper dining criteria and often end up eating in the wrong way.

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But restaurant etiquette is more than just a set of rules that serve the purpose of making one a part of the elite society. Once a person starts following proper restaurant etiquette, they will understand that eating complicated dishes becomes so much easier. Also, one can understand flavours and sulk them a lot better. Here are some top essential restaurant etiquette that everyone must know.

* Punctuality 

Being punctual is pivotal especially when one is going to a high-end restaurant. It is critical to remember that the demand at these restaurants is generally very high which is why it is essential to comply with the booking timings. Being late will create a problem for both the hotel and the person who has booked a table, as people at these restaurants are very peculiar with schedules. If one already knows that they are going to be late then a better way of dealing with the situation is informing the hotel staff about the same.

* Dress Code

If a particular restaurant or hotel has a proper dress code, then one must adhere to it. Having a frivolous attitude towards dress codes is going to be quite problematic because most restaurants have stern rules related to dress codes. Breakage of rules might even lead to cancellation of table booking, so it is always advisable to dress sophisticatedly and also pay respect towards the atmosphere and the rules of a particular restaurant.

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* Cutlery Handling

One must have some prior information related to the handling of cutlery. The different placements of the fork and knife symbolise different messages. For example, if the fork and knife are kept parallel at the left and right sides of the plate, then it simply means that the person is ready to start eating the food, and it must be served. On the other hand, if a person has kept their fork and knife on the top of a plate, inclined towards each other, but they're not touching each other, it means that the person is on a pause. There are many such rules related to the placement of forks and knives, and one must look at them before going to a restaurant that provides a fine dining experience. 

* Mobile Phone

While at the dining table, one must try not to touch the mobile phone as much as possible. It is often considered disrespectful in the restaurant. This means that the person is too involved with their phone and not concentrating on the food. Also, one must keep their mobile phones on silent or vibration mode so that other people are not disturbed. It is a small step that will let one have a very immersive experience away from any kind of distractions.

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* Taking Politely With Staff

Showing a great deal of respect and courtesy to the restaurant staff also is a part of the restaurant and tickets. A person must not show a superiority complex and treat the restaurant staff as inferiors. It is always nice to use gracious words like thank you and please while addressing the hotel staff. In case there is any problem related to the seating or meal, the issue must be put forward calmly.

* Consideration Of Other Guests

It is important to remember that while dining outside, there are also a lot of other people who have come to the same restaurant to have a meal. So one must keep the pitch of their conversations at a lower level so that people sitting nearby are not disturbed. Also, eavesdropping is strictly prohibited and considered a shameful act. One must maintain their dignity while in public, and avoid things that might put them in trouble. Small habits like these will help ensure that everyone present in the restaurant has a comfortable experience without any unnecessary problems.

* Exiting 

While it's alright to be candid about one's views regarding the food that they had at a particular restaurant, it is important to be thoughtful while expressing one's opinions. One should be gracious towards the hotel staff if one had a wonderful experience and only express constructive criticism if the experience wasn't that wonderful. Any personal remarks must be avoided.