5 Dining Etiquette Rules That You Need To Debunk

You would probably agree that dining etiquette is associated with too many rules that most us blindly follow. Actually, some of them simply need a better understanding by you, so that you know when or not you can break them. Here’s a list for you to take a look at:

1. Correcting Others’ Behaviour

 Having good table manners doesn’t allow you to correct everyone else’s table manners in a humiliating way in public. While this can be quite insulting and degrading for the other person, it’ll also give an impression about you being judgemental.

2. Eating Finger Food With Fork Or Spoon

We are too concerned about eating with our hands when it comes to fine dining. And this leads us to use a fork or a spoon to have finger foods too. However, when it comes to finger foods, there is a reason they are named so. Hence, having finger foods with your hands is the best way to enjoy them.

3. Elbows On The Table

That you should not place your elbows on the table is an age-old advice. However, the rule differs as per the elements on the table. You are allowed to place your elbows on the table when you have just arrived and are enjoying your drinks. However, as soon as the food arrives, remove your elbows from the table to allow yourself and your guests to have their food peacefully.  

4. Cutting Bread

While we often tend to cut loaves of bread with our knives, certain breads need to be broken down with hands. French breads like baguettes or focaccia need to be eaten in a specific manner and don’t require cutting with a knife.

5. Where To Place The Napkin

The culinary and hospitality industry firmly believes in being considerate to others. Hence, the practice of putting your napkin on your used plate surely needs to go. After you are done eating, make sure you place the napkin beside your used plate. This will make the job of the restaurant staff easier as they don’t have to clean a dirty and greasy napkin.