‘Eat Like A King’: The Legacy Of The English Breakfast
Image Credit: Pic- Shutterstock

When Winnie the Pooh was asked “what’s the first thing you say to yourself in morning?”, he said “What’s for breakfast?”. That’s how important breakfast is and traditional English breakfast is nothing short of a grand affair in itself.  But ever wandered what’s so special about this full English breakfast and why the English love it so much?

Also known as full fry up, this big daddy of all breakfast dates back far to the 1300s, which also makes this dish as one of the oldest and longest standing culinary tradition in English history. In those days breakfast, which was considered as a grand affair packed with luxury was only reserved for the riches. During the Middle Ages, the whole concept of breakfast happened to be usually just ale and bread, with perhaps some cheese, cold meat or some thick porridge. This would also help one sustain through the day until dinner time. Being the most important meal of the day, this had to be heavy and not only an elaborate breakfast also was a part of the social hospitality.

State Breakfast given by Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1875, Pic- https://www.historic-uk.com/

But it was the gentry, the well-bred who around introduced the idea of the full English breakfast who took the responsibility upon themselves make things to fit in social qualities in their lavish houses and large well spread meals became a part of it. Back then breakfasts were a much unhurried and leisurely process where all your fine silver and glassware would be taken out on the table. But slowly as the gentry declined over the years but by then the meal was more popular than ever. With the ever-growing popularity this also became like a family meal for many. 

The English breakfast that we see today consists of fried eggs, sausages, back bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, and is also paired with some tea or coffee and hot, buttered toast. And all these on plate too have been there since ages and two of the most popular ingredients, eggs and bacon were cured and was served alongside plate with cold meats. Not just popular in England any more, this English breakfast has made its mark in India too and places like Flurrys or Habitat Hub (earlier known as All American Diner) simply vouches for this. 

As with something this popular, it can’t be devoid of variants as with anything so popular, there are a number of variants, like the full Irish breakfast traditionally sees Irish sausage and bacon along with Irish soda bread, white pudding and an Irish potato cake, while the Scottish version is same as the English, except it includes black pudding or haggis along with some tattie scone (potato scone). 

Having travelled through time this breakfast has surely made its mark and today when this of a lavish spread English breakfast surely tops the list. Don’t miss the fact reading newspapers at the breakfast table happened way back then too (but was a definite ‘no-no’ at any other meal), so grab your plate and your newspaper as your dig into some wholesome spread.