4 Easy Ways To Prevent Wastage Of Food At Home
Image Credit: Prevent Food Wastage (forbes.com)

Do you also throw away your leftover food? You may not see any harm in this, but believe me, like you, every household throws away a little food causing a massive pile of trash. On the one hand, many people cannot even afford two meals a day in India. While on the other hand, the spoilage of food is highly worrying these days. As per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year. You can start from your home to save this food from getting spoiled in such a situation. If you start reducing the food wastage in your home, then this can also save food from being wasted to a great extent. Now the question arises of how to stop the wastage of food at home. You don’t need to do much for this. By adopting some very simple tips, you can prevent food wastage.

  • Be sure to check the label: We have to throw away many food items because they would have passed their expiry date. In this way, one way to save food waste is to always check the label of anything before buying it. In addition, you should check its manufacturing and expiry date. If any food item is going to expire, you should buy a small packet instead of a big pack so that you do not have to throw it out later.
  • Do not let fruits and vegetables spoil: You should try those fruits and vegetables should not be spoiled in the house. First of all, bring fruits and vegetables in a limited quantity. Then, if your fruits and vegetables have become soggy, you make shakes or soups, etc., and consume them instead of throwing them away. Do you know you can also use it to improve your skin? But avoid throwing them out.
  • Reuse food: One often does not feel like eating the leftover sabzi again in the morning, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw it away just like that. It would be better if you served them with a new look. For example, you can use dry vegetables as stuffing and make sandwiches. Similarly, make dal paratha or dal cheela from the leftover lentils and serve them for breakfast.
  • Keep a check on fridge temperature: Usually, the fridge stores fruits and vegetables and other cooked food. Therefore, the best way to prevent food spoilage is to keep a tab on the fridge’s temperature. Do you know high refrigerator temperatures can cause food to spoil sooner?