Ragi Chocolate To Cashew Almond: Try These Easy To Make Cookies At Home
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Next to pudding and pastries, cookies are my absolute weakness. Also, I prefer my cookies, either gooey or soft, instead of the crunchy ones. Hence, I feel that making cookies shouldn't be a challenging experience. But, do you know there are plenty of cookie recipes that lack complication and can be pulled together without any fuss. They make up for flavours whether you are craving buttery, nutty, spiced or chocolatey. Ahead, our three best cookies, including ragi chocolate, almond cashew and more. Let's know about these very easy to make recipes.



  1. Sugar powder - 1/2 cup
  2. Wheat Flour - 1/2 cup
  3. Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
  4. Coca powder - 1 tsp
  5. Ragi flour - 1/2 cup
  6. Cashew - 1/2 cup
  7. Milk - 1/3 cup
  8. Ghee - 1 tsp

How to make ragi chocolate cookies?

  1. First of all, mix ragi flour and wheat flour well in a vessel. After mixing, add baking powder to it.
  2. After adding the baking powder, mix the cocoa powder well and keep it aside.
  3. After mixing sugar powder and ghee in another vessel, mix the already prepared flour well. 
  4. After mixing, make small balls of it by flattening it lightly and keeping it in a baking tray. You can also decorate with cashew nuts.
  5. After this, set the oven around 200 degrees and leave the cookies for 10 to 15 minutes to bake.
  6. Take it out of the oven after 15 minutes and serve it after cooling down.



  1. All-purpose flour - 150 grams
  2. Coconut - 100 grams (grated)
  3. Custard powder - 20 grams
  4. Baking soda - 1/4 teaspoon
  5. Sugar powder - 20 grams
  6. Vanilla essence - 2 drops
  7. Butter - 100 grams
  8. Milk - 1/4 cup 

How to make coconut cookies? 

  1. First of all, mix sugar in the flour well. After adding sugar, add milk and mix it well. 
  2. After a while, add coconut, baking soda, butter, custard powder, mix it well and keep it aside for 5 to 6 minutes.
  3. After 6 minutes, add vanilla essence and mix it well. Meanwhile, set the oven at 200 degrees.
  4. Now place the prepared batter in a baking tray by making cookies in small rounds (you can give any shape if you want) and keep the tray in the oven to bake.
  5. After 15-20 minutes, put it out of the oven and serve after cooling down.



  1. Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
  2. Almond powder - 1/2 cup
  3. All-purpose flour - 1 cup
  4. Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
  5. Cashew - 1/2 cup
  6. Butter - 1/2 cup
  7. Sugar - 1/2 cup

How to make cashew almond cookies? 

  1. First of all, mix butter and ghee in a vessel and keep them aside.
  2. On the other side, in another vessel, mix all-purpose flour, baking powder, cardamom powder and add almond powder to it.
  3. After mixing sugar with the butter-ghee mixture, add chopped cashew nuts and knead it well. After kneading, prepare it in the shape of cookies.
  4. After preparing it, please put it in a baking tray for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Then, delicious cashew almond cookies are ready.

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