Easy Tips To Make Milk Powder At Home
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Rich in calcium, protein, riboflavin and Vitamin B12, milk is a nutritious drink that everyone needs. However, Corona times call for preservation, and just like natural milk, powder milk is also rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition, powder or dry milk is easier to store, convenient to use and can also help us save money. Perhaps, you can easily store it, not for days or two but weeks. Here are a few tips, with the help of which you can easily make milk powder at home.

First method:

If you want to prepare 500 grams of milk powder, it will require one to two litres of what milk. For this:

  1. First, boil the milk well and keep it aside to cool down.
  2. Now, preheat the oven and place the milk in it.
  3. Keep stirring the milk in between.
  4. When the milk dries up, take it out of the oven.
  5. After cooling the boiled milk, put it in a blender and grind the pieces.
  6. When the milk powder is ready, store it in an airtight container.

Now, you can easily use this milk powder for making tea etc. Also, this powder can be easily stored for a month.

Second method:

You can easily make milk powder at home, even with dehydration trays. For this:

  1. Keep a cup of milk in each of the dehydration trays.
  2. Set the oven to 135° to 140° Fahrenheit and place the dehydrator tray inside.
  3. When the milk becomes completely dry, grind it finely.

You can buy dehydrator trays from any utensil store and can easily store milk powder (made in both ways) for a month.

Benefits of homemade milk powder:

Homemade milk powder is rich in calcium compared to other milk powders best for maintaining health in multiple ways. Apart from this, this milk powder can also relieve constipation and tooth problems.