Easy Tips To Cook Hotel-Style Food At Home
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When the pandemic had set in, many of us were compelled to spend hours in the kitchen, donning our creative hats or browsing through the internet for interesting recipes that would be both simple and delectable. But how many times has it happened that you wished to make some restaurant-style dish and to do that, followed the recipe instructions given in the videos but was not quite satisfied with the final outcome? Well, there are certain things that make hotel food taste different that we make at home. Here are a few tips that are worth keeping in mind the next time you are in the kitchen to ace a tantalising recipe.

Use of Roasted Ground Spices

One of the main reasons restaurant food tastes better is the fact that they hardly use powdered masalas that are readily available in the market. Instead, chefs use whole spices like cumin, coriander and fennel seeds as well as garam masalas. Roasting whole spices and grinding them using a mortar and pestle is the best way to retain the aroma and the taste of these masalas.

Replace Tomatoes with Curd

Did you know that dishes prepared with curd instead of tomatoes or tomato purée tend to remain fresh longer? Perhaps, this is the reason restaurants prefer using more curd and less tomatoes to make the gravy. Of course, for some recipes, such as lababdars or kadai dishes, you cannot do without tomatoes. But when you marinate chicken or mutton dishes with curd, it does add a distinct flavour to your dishes and is one of the must-try tips when you think of making any restaurant-style food at home.

Smokey Coal Flavour

Have you ever paid attention to what actually makes our mouth water when we sit at a restaurant? It is the smoky aroma that most of the restaurant dishes give out - be it kadai paneer, meat recipes or dal makhni. If you have guests at home and decide on cooking something yummy and aromatic for them, try the coal trick. You just need to heat a piece of coal, place it in a bowl and add some ghee to it. Now, place this bowl in the dish you are preparing and you will be surprised to find the restaurant-style smokey flavour it gives out.

To Fry Or Not To Fry?

A very important concept in cooking is when to fry the basic ingredients that make up the dish and when not to. For instance, paneer is best made without frying and when added fresh, while the flavour of chicken or mutton comes out best when fried lightly before adding them to the gravy.

Try these tips at home and you are sure to become the talk of the town for your impeccable culinary skills. No wonder the huge changes in taste happen because of the slight alterations. These tricks and hacks are not big experiments, they are only minor shifts in ingredients and the way those are used.

About Author: Satarupa B Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade. Always on the go, she loves to travel, read books and enjoy playtime with her toddler, as she explores new places and food.