Father’s Day is just a few days away and we bet you’re in search for ways to make this day special for your dad. While gifts and flowers go miles to express your love, there’s nothing more valuable than spending quality time with your father. Cooking is a fun way to spend your time together while experimenting with simple and tasty recipes. The best part about cooking together is devouring the food after you’re done with your time in the kitchen. The most fun cooking experiments are the ones that are devoid of complicated steps and are sure shot to be a success. If you’re cooking for the first time with your father, you need to try your hand at recipes that are quick, hassle free, easy and yet appetising. Starting your day by cooking together is a great way to create some memories. This Father’s Day, cook with your dad, as love multiplies when shared with every morsel. Here are some easy brunch recipes you could try out for Father’s Day: 

French toast with cold coffee

French toasts are a quick and easy way to make a healthy and tasty breakfast. All you require for making a classic French toast is eggs, bread, salt, butter and some maple syrup and berries. What could be more drool-worthy than thick slices of bread with golden and soft middles, crisp edges, and a mound of fresh fruit on top? The eggs make the bread nice and rich. The drizzle of maple syrup and fresh fruits lend a refreshing taste to this bite. Pair your French toast with a cold coffee for a yumtastic start to Father’s Day. 

Credit: Instagram/oroweatbread


2 Ingredient Toast In 6 Ways

There can not be an easier recipe than this. The 2 ingredient toast 6 ways entails taking an entire loaf of bread, popping it in the toaster one by one and then putting together 2 ingredient toasts, in six ways. All you need to do to make this breakfast toast spread is pick out your favourite sandwich bread and plan your favourite two ingredient pairings and voila! You’re done. Some ingredient pairings that go really well on toasts are greek yogurt with avocado, fried egg with parmesan, mozzarella with pesto, mozzarella with tomato, tomato with basil and Nutella with strawberry. You can also customise your favourite spread with a topping that goes with it. If you don’t mind taking effort up a notch, you could attempt pairing marinara sauce with cooked chicken pepperoni. 

Credit: Instagram/clementale and Instagram/veganhealthresources 


Dosa with coriander chutney 

If you and your father like to have food straight out of the Indian cuisine then making a simple dosa from a pre-made dosa batter and pairing it with coriander chutney is the right pick for you. All you need to do is soak one cup of dosa batter in one and a half cup of water and let it sit for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, you could make the coriander chutney by putting chopped coriander, green chillies, tomatoes and salt in to a blender and combining till smooth. To make the dosa you would need to spread the batter gently on a pan with a light hand. The dosa can be made spicy by putting chopped green chillies on the top, as the wet batter gets cooked slowly. Enjoy your dosa and chutney with a refreshing glass of buttermilk and you’re all set! 

Credit: Instagram/mycitybengaluru and Instagram/platefullofflavour.