Exploring the Culinary Charms of Assam

As the morning sun bathes the land of Assam in its golden embrace, a symphony of aromas and flavours emerges from the kitchens, promising a delightful start to the day. 

These incredibly simple and quick Assamese breakfast recipes are a must-try if you're looking for new breakfast concepts or motivation. The most widely consumed crop in Assam, rice, is used in a variety of ways in these recipes. These breakfast options are therefore satisfying, delectable, and nourishing. These Assamese breakfast recipes show you how to innovatively change rice into tasty and healthful meals, from fermenting it to powdering it for use in crepes and pancakes. 

Exploring Assam’s breakfast delicacies is like embarking on a flavourful expedition. The simplicity of ingredients combined with the intricate play of flavours and textures makes these dishes not only easy to prepare but also a delightful sensory experience.

Video Credit: YouTube/Rajita Kitchen

1. Poita Bhaat With Aloo Pitika

This is the ideal easy breakfast recipe if you're too lazy to prepare a fancy meal. Leftover rice is used to make the classic Assamese breakfast dish, poita bhat. To prepare this, soak one cup of cooked rice in water to cover it for the entire night. In the morning, transfer the rice to a bowl and add the water, ½ cup buttermilk, ½ cup finely chopped onion, ½ cup finely chopped green chili, salt to taste, and 1 tsp mustard oil. Stir, then you're done! 

To go with your Poita bhaat, you can prepare Aloo Pitika. Mash three to four boiled and peeled potatoes in a separate bowl. Add two finely chopped green chilies, two tablespoons mustard oil, salt, and one teaspoon turmeric powder. Savour your hearty and simple breakfast!

2. Tekeli Pitha

You should definitely try this recipe for sweet rice cake if you enjoy having something sweet to start the day. A steamed rice cake filled with coconut flakes and jaggery is called Tekeli Pitha, also known as Ketli Pitha. To make a soft dough, mix together 10 tbsp rice flour, 10 tbsp grated coconut, 2 tbsp sugar or jaggery, and ¾ cup water in a bowl. Next, take a small amount of the mixture and pour it into a small bowl. 

Using your fingers, press it down to form the rice cake. Once all of your cakes are shaped, place them on a plate that has been greased and steam-bake them for 15 to 20 minutes in a rice cooker or steamer. Savour your delicious Tekeli Pitha with yoghurt or sweet cream! 

3. Jol Paan

The Hindi translation of Jol Paan is 'Jalpaan,' meaning breakfast or refreshments. This pressed rice version of a traditional Assamese breakfast dish is delicious and nutritious. One cup of poha should be soaked in water for five minutes before being washed under running water for two to four minutes. Next, place one spoonful of fresh cream and two to three tablespoons of curd into a bowl, then layer the cleaned poha on top. Garnish with an ample portion of jaggery, according to your preference. If you like your sweetness medium, you can add two tablespoons of jaggery. 

5. Khola Sapori Pitha

This is a kind of Assamese rice crepe, also known as Hazarmukhi pitha. It is prepared in about 20 minutes. The earthenware of a similar name that is utilized to prepare this dish gives rise to the name "Khola." 

Combine 1 cup powdered rice, ½ cup chopped onion, ½ cup shredded carrots, and water in a big bowl to make a batter. Make sure the batter is lump-free and slightly thin by giving it a good whisking. If you have an earthen pan, heat it up; if not, use any frying pan. Using a ladle, pour the batter over 1 tsp mustard oil. Spread it out in a circular pattern and cover and cook for 1 minute. After that, turn over and continue cooking until golden specks start to form. Accompany with ketchup or potato fries!

6. Paani Pitha

You should try Paani Pitha if you're looking for a tasty alternative to the typical rice-based breakfast recipes. Though you can also make a sweet and salty version, this traditional Assamese breakfast is a savoury crepe. In a large bowl, mix together 1 cup wheat flour, ½ cup chopped onion, and salt to taste. To create a batter with a pourable consistency, add water slowly. You can omit the onions and add sugar or honey if you want to have sweet crepes. Put 1 tsp mustard oil into a pan and heat it over medium heat. 

Pour a moderate portion of the batter into a circular motion. After lowering the flame, place a lid on it. Flip the pitha after two minutes and continue cooking the other side in a similar manner. In place of wheat flour, rice flour can also be used. Savour this easy breakfast while sipping a steaming cup of coffee.