Dwayne Johnson's is back with his Cheat Meal – The Rock Toast
Image Credit: The famous Rock toast/ Pic-Facebook

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been pretty candid and open about his cheat meals. He often s shows them out on social media and there are times when he has easily gulped down half a cheesecake, tons of fries, and up to 18 sushi rolls with ease. One of his go-to cheat meals happens to be French toast with is choice of topping. Earlier also he was seen posting his cheat meal spree as another post on Instagram showed him having French toast crusted with one of his favorite cereals and saying “Can’t take my eyes or of you 🍞🥣 👀 😍#cheatmealsunday coming in strong!

He is known for his cheat meals that he digs on once a week but his go-to is "Rock Toast," a twist on the classic French toast. He uses  fried brioche bread with three, four-inch-thick slices and then carefully applies a portion of peanut butter and tops it with whipped cream and pure maple syrup. There is more to it, it’s the whipped cream and maple syrup that are infused with his very own brand Teremana Tequila to elevate the taste and flavour of the dish. The maple toasted coconut chips  are coated with tequila which gives the bread it’s crispy. Dwayne loves saying  "Don't cheat yourself; treat yourself and enjoy these cheat meals."

The recipe as he posted on Instagram goes like this 

    4” thick Brioche Rock (French) toast.

    Peanut butter.

    Whipped cream infused with citrus and Teremana.

    Pure maple syrup infused with citrus and Teremana.

    This one was an all timer.

    Taking delicious to the next level.

    Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends.

Here’s another creative French toast recipes for our readers.

Nutella Strawberry French Toast Roll-Ups by Kassie McIntyre. Recipe courtesy- https://spoonuniversity.com/


    3-4 slices of buttermilk bread

    4 strawberries


    2-3 eggs

    2 teaspoons cinnamon

    3 teaspoons granulated sugar

    Optional: syrup or powdered sugar

French Toast Roll-Ups/ Pic spoonuniversity.com/



    Cut the sides of each bread slice.

    At one of the shorter sides of each piece of bread, slather on a good amount of Nutella. Don’t put too much Nutella else it will spill. 

    Cut and layer the strawberries on top of the Nutella layer. Make sure the strawberries are chopped relatively small so that it’s easier to roll.

    Once they are placed on the edge of the bread, roll up the bread. Start with the edge with the Nutella and strawberries on it and roll all the way towards the other end.

    Whisk up two or three eggs in a medium sized bowl and set aside.

    Combine the cinnamon and sugar onto a flat plate

    Here comes the messy part. Carefully dunk the French toast rolls into the egg mixture, making sure to get it all over the bread.

    Then, roll them all around in the cinnamon/sugar mix until they are completely covered.

    Take these French toast rolls and cook them in an already greased pan on the stove. It doesn’t take long to cook these but do make sure the egg is all the way cooked.

    Once they are finished, top with either powdered sugar or syrup and devour.