Dwayne Johnson Craves These ‘Feel-Good’ Carbs At Night
Image Credit: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram, The American celebrity is a die-hard foodie too.

Gracing the big screen with his presence yet again, Dwayne Johnson can be currently seen in the sci-fiction film, Black Adam. At the end of the day, all he needs is his drink and good food to keep him happy. While his six-meal formula is quite interesting, the good part is that he cheats time and again too.

Looks like the weekend made Dwayne give into his cravings and indulge in yummy food. Recently, the American actor posted a reel, showing us what he was eating in the middle of the night. While giving us a constant commentary in the background, one could spot homemade biscuits, which were soft and fluffy, crispy bacon strips, and a dozen scrambled eggs.

However, this wasn’t all. He moved on to show us a stack of pancakes on a plate and described them as “coconut banana pancakes”. Finally, we see that he’s paired a tequila shot with his midnight carbs. He captioned it saying, “Caught a BIG case of the late night #F**kIts. I don’t fall off wagons, I jump off those **”. He also added #latenightwagonjumpers to the caption. Dwayne was in quite a chilled and relaxed mood and wanted to enjoy his late night meal in peace.

He then tastes the tequila and says, “It’s so good”. What’s amazing about him is that while he loves eating all these carbs, on other days, he works out dedicatedly to shed off those calories and follows a healthy diet regime. And his love for scrambled eggs and bacon is quite evident, as we’ve seen him digging into it earlier too.