You are awake till late and you had dinner quite a while ago. Naturally then, you’ll feel hungry the middle of the night. And then starts the binge-eating along with the binge-watching. Generally, these snacks would be some cream or chocolate biscuits, a tub of your favorite ice cream or a cheesy grilled sandwich. None of which is healthy and all of which contains dense amount of carbs, sugars and calories.  

In order to avoid unhealthy midnight snacking, here are 5 healthy snacks that you can binge on while watching that one extra episode.  

1. Yoghurt  

Instead of a tub of sugar-loaded ice cream, try indulging in guilt-free yoghurt. Not only will it satiate your hunger but the protein and calcium will provide you with a good night’s sleep. Top up with some fruits like berries and skip sugar.   

2. Oatmeal  

What’s a better option to binge on than whole foods like oats? Prepare a bowl of hot cereal and add some cinnamon to it for that spice kick. You can add some nuts and dried fruits too. All thanks to the melatonin, wheat and barley grains can put you to a peaceful sleep without adding calories.  

3. Healthy wrap  

Prepare a whole-grain wrap with some tomatoes, hummus, chicken breast etc. and keep it stored for the night. Heat it up at night and enjoy a filling and delicious whole food that will curb your cravings.  

4. Cheese Crackers  

It's simple and readily available. And well, you wouldn't have to prep much for it too. Just a few crackers with small cubes of cheese will provide you with the needed protein and carbs. This will ensure that you blood sugar levels are stable at night.  

5. Eggs  

Eggs are really filling and perfect for your extreme snacking hunger pangs. You can pre-prepare a whole wheat egg sandwich. Or you could simply boil and mash the eggs with some salt and pepper.  

NOTE: It is advisable to take 6-8 hours of sleep every night for complete rest. And it is recommended to limit the consumption of midnight snacks, even if they are healthy.