Durga Puja 2022: 4 Bengali Vegetarian Dishes To Relish

If you are a Bengali, we know you are zinging with excitement and joy right now. After all, it's Pujo season finally and who can wait to don pretty clothes, relish indulgent delicacies and go Pandal hopping? Just like any other Indian festival, Durga Puja in West Bengal is also celebrated with a huge array of culinary gems. However, unlike other Indian festivals, there is no barrier or restriction of specific ingredients in Bengali Durga Puja. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian and sweet to savoury, there is no boundary to the delicious Bengali dishes that are relished during Durga Puja. The authentic Bengali flavours add to the already exciting festival. So, for you to relish some authentic Bengali dishes in all their glory, we have curated a list of four vegetarian delicacies that you can relish this Durga Puja. In case you are wondering about the non-veg dishes, we have already covered them in one of our articles. Try these dishes today and add them to your menu to have a delicious and delightful Dussehra. 

1. Khichuri  

Needless to say, Khichdi is a quintessential part of almost all Indian festival menus. The aromatic rice along with the ghee set the right festive mood for any festival. Similarly, Bengali Khichuri is made with Moong Dal, rice and a mix of vegetables. A must-have during Durga Puja, Khichuri is also served as a Prasad in many places. 

2. Aloo Posto  

Do we even need to introduce this dish? A very popular Bengali dish made with potatoes and poppy seeds, Aloo Posto is best relished with Luchi. This simple yet delicious dish will let you celebrate the Puja without any worries about the menu. 

3. Ghugni  

Made with white peas, Ghugni can be found in almost all the streets of West Bengal. Made with an assortment of simple spices, Ghugni is best relished with Muri (puffed rice) and chopped onions with a squeeze of lemon. 

4. Dhokar Dalna  

An authentic Bengali vegetarian dish, Dhokar Dalna is a dish prepared with lentil cakes cooked in spicy ginger and cumin-based curry. Although an authentic Niramish (without onion and garlic) dish, one can definitely add onion and garlic to this dish to elevate the flavours. 

So, we hope we have got you covered with these four delicious dishes that you can add to your Durga Puja menu this year. Relish these decadent dishes and celebrate Durga Puja in all its glory.